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3 iTunes Playlist
4 iTunes Library
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6 iTunes Sync Problem
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Easy ways to share iTunes playlists with others

It is one of the most daunting tasks to collect songs and organize them. A user could imagine the hard work involved in collecting the songs and making sure that they all remain in the same order for a specific event. It is for the same reason that they don’t want other to go through the same hardship as they did to find, collect and organize songs in the best possible manner. On the other hands the restrictions in iTunes also does not allow the users to get their playlists through to others and hence the need of the hour is to find free methods to make sure that the playlists are delivered to the loved ones as a gift or a token of goodwill free of charge so that they can enjoy the songs with ease and satisfaction.

Part1.Free ways to share iTunes playlist

It is one of those questions which have many answers and the users in this regard have made sure that the freeways are not only explored but also communicated to others so that the transfer of the playlist is not a big deal at all. This tutorial is both about free and paid ways to share iTunes playlists with others so that the users can choose the ones according to their will and desire and to keep the user’s easiness into consideration the methods are mentioned below:

Part 2. Through Mac

It is one of the best methods to make sure that the iTunes are transferred from one Mac to another without any issue and problem. To make sure that the needful is done in the best possible way it is advised to make sure that the following steps are followed in the same order they are mentioned to avoid any confusion so that the transfer is not difficult at all:

i. To get to the desired playlist the user needs to make sure that the playlists icon is clicked on the iTunes sidebar.

ii. The user then needs to make sure that the file button is clicked in the main bar of the iTunes to start the process:

doublen click the vlc icon

iii. Once it is done the user needs to click library:

paly the video

iv. On the next menu the user needs to make sure that the export playlist is selected:

click take snapshot

v. The file will be saved with the default extension of xml. It is to be noted that the extension is never to be changed.

click take snapshot

vi. This xml file can be shared with anyone and the recipient just has to make sure that using the same process above the playlist is imported to the Mac to complete the process.

click take snapshot

Part 3. Through CD burning

It is also a simple and free phenomenon to make sure that the iTunes playlist is transferred from one system to another or shared with as many people as possible. Following is the process that is to be followed in this regard:

i. The user needs to access iTunes on Mac or PC to start the process:

click take snapshot

ii. ii. A new playlist is then to be created:


iii. The songs are then to be added to the playlist so that the playlist does not remain in default state i.e. empty:


iv. A blank CD is then to be inserted till it is recognized:


v. The user then has to follow file > Burn playlist to disk:


vi. After selecting the burn settings the user needs to click burn:


Part 4. Easy way to share iTunes Playlist to iOS (iPhone/iPad/iPod) with Wondershare TunesGo

It is unquestionably the best and most effective manner to make sure that the issue of sharing playlists is resolved and the user never faces any issue in this regard. Wondershare always does wonders and this time they come up with this intelligent, dynamic and user friendly software program to make sure that sharing playlists across different iOS devices is also not an issue any more. The user has to make sure that the following process is followed to make sure that the best results are obtained and the software is also understood so that it never remains and issue for the user to use this software in future:

i. The user has to download the software from the URL http://www.wondershare.com/tunesgo/ or direct here and follow the prompts to make sure that it is downloaded and installed. Once it has been done the main interface appears:


ii. The user then needs to make sure that the iOS device is connected to the PC with the USB cable:


iii. The interface will appear once again with all the folders that are located on the device:


iv. Once the program is fully functional it is advised to make sure that the “Transfer Music” icon on the bottom right corner is located and pressed to get the process done and complete the transfer as well:


Part 5. Share iTunes Playlist with Android with TunesGo

Most of the people find it very difficult to make sure that the playlists from iOS are transferred to the Android OS with ease and satisfaction however with TunesGo it is not a big deal at all. By following the same methods of transferring the iTunes playlist to iOS a user can transfer an iOS based playlist to android with ease and satisfaction. To get the work done within no time it is advised to follow the steps below to make sure that the issue is resolved:

i. The user just needs to make sure that the android device is connected to PC or Mac so that the process starts:


ii. The already installed TunesGo will automatically detect the device and will open the interface as shown in the figure below:


iii. On the left panel the user needs to click the playlist the content of which requires transfer:


iv. On the right panel the user needs to click export then music:


v. This intelligent software will make sure that the playlist is synced with the android device and hence with a few clicks the process has been finished as per user’s desire.