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How to Use Beat Marker in iMovie 09 and iMovie 11

If you are interested in editing music, you must want to know how to edit the beat and cut it to your delight conveniently. Then how to find the beats?

iMovie provides beat markers which allows you to mark points in audios to drop in video with cuts that match the beats.

How to add beat markers in iMovie

First you need some music. Select some music and drag them to the empty project. Then in the project, choose Clip Trimmer which looks like a gear to open the Clip Trimmer.

imovie beat marker

Then the Clip Trimmer opens, showing a magnified view of the audio clip as a waveform. Drag and drop to add beat markers to the audio clips. After finish adding beat markers, hit "Done" to save.

 add beat marker in imovie

Now you can darg and drop to add some videos to the project. The beat marker will show in thin vertical lines with a small dot at the bottom.

use beat marker in imovie

Using Beat Markers is a great way to take some clips, a bit of music and create a finished video. You can even use beat markers with photos.

Tips: Please make sure your videos supported by iMovie, if the video shows grey, it means they are not compatible with iMovie. At this time, you should use a Video Converter for Mac to convert the videos to iMovie supported video formats first and then add the converted videos to iMovie. As for DVD movies, you can use a Mac Video Converter Ultimate to convert the DVD to iMovie MP4 videos first and add the MP4 videos to iMovie.

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