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How to Import Photos to iMovie (iMovie'11)

When you are making a movie using iMovie, you must want to add photos to iMovie to combine photos and video together since most times when take photos as well as shoot videos. iMovie allows you to add still photos inside your movies to make the movies more artistic.

Importing photos to iMovie is not hard at all. Just follow the steps to add photos to iMovie project.

How to add photos to iMovie step by step

Step 1. Open your photo library

Choose Windows > Photos or hit the Photos button, which looks like a camera in the toolbar.

iMovie voiceover

Tips: Usually, you can import photos to iMovie without any hassle, but when you import videos to iMovie, you may be frustrated since iMovie only supports several video formats. If you want to edit any video and DVD in iMovie, you can use a Mac Vide Converter and Mac Video Converter Ultimate to help you.

Step 2. Select the photos you want to add to iMovie

Choose the photo you want. You can add photos from iPhoto library or other places. You can organize the photos first so that you can easily find the right one. If you know the name of the picture, you can search it in the search field.

add voiceover in iMovie

To import photos to iMovie project, you just need to drag the selected picture to the place where you want it to appear in your iMovie project. iMovie will add a Ken Burns effect for your photo automatically.

Step 3. Adjust iMovie photo clip

If you would like to change the default settings of the photo clip, click the gear in the lower left corner of the photo clip.

 record a voiceover in iMovie

Hit "Clip Adjustments" and an Inspector menu appears, where you can set the duration of photo displaying time or choose a video effect. After all the settings, click "Done" to finish the altering.

 record a voiceover in iMovie

Note: You can also hit "Cropping, Ken Burns & Rotation" to customize your photos. Learn how to crop and rotate photos or add ken burns effect.

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you might have to wait a bit for it to pull up and read in your iphoto library, then they will show up; i had the same problem; don't know if that will fix your case, but that was my experience just now; ;-)
I'm having the same issues. I can't drag and drop jpg or pdf's into the iMovie 11 project, nor can I import them into iPhoto and drag and drop them. They show up in iPhoto but when I drag them over and see the + sign and the green line nothing actually gets dropped there. Sooo frustrated. It worked before but now it doesn't.
I'm trying that and none of the photos are highlighted in finder, keeping me from importing any. >??
Hi, Frazer, you can import photos that can't saved in iPhoto by clicking File > Import. Then it will pop up a browsing window to help you find your picture files.
I can only see iPhoto and photoBooth photos. How do we get to photos we have saved in other locations?
But your audio stops. How do I insert an image into the movie so the sound continues.