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How to Use Video Color Correction in iMovie 09/11

The cameras are more and more popular in our daily life, especially when you travel to some places. Today the cameras make it very easy for you to get some good quality videos and photos. But sometimes, the auto focus camera may misread the brightness or balance of the environment and your work get a not good-looking or natural color. At this time, you want to correct the color of your photo or video to get true colors under different lighting conditions and boost weak colors.

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With iMovie 09/11, you can easily correct video color, like warm it up, cool it down, etc. Just follow this guide to learn how to use iMovie color correction function.

How to correct movie color in iMovie

Step 1. Turn on Advanced Tools

To use iMovie color correction, you must turn on Advanced Tools. You can do this by going to iMovie Preferences > General, and then you will see a window as below. Select "Show Advanced Tools" to turn iMovie color correction on..

imovie color correction

Step 2. Import video to iMovie and drag it to a new project

Go to File> Import > Movies and select videos from your computer to add. Please note that iMovie only supports several video formats and common MP4 is the highly compatible video format. If you want to import a movie, such as mts, mpg, wmv, avi, etc. to iMovie but find it is grey, then that means it is not the format iMovie supports. When this happens, get a Video Converter for Mac and convert the video to iMovie MP4 and then import the movie to iMovie. Drag video clips to the project.

imovie color correction tutorial

Step 3. Begin to correct video color in iMovie

Open the video Inspection by double click it or hit the gear in front of the video clip and select "Clip Adjustments".

video color correction in imovie

In the Inspector, choose "Video" tab and in the following window, you can change and correct video color as you like. Here you can adjust the exposure, brightness, contrast, saturation, red gain, green gain, blue gain and white point. You can real-time preview the effect in the viewing window.

movie color correction imovie

When you are satisfied with the effect, hit "Done" to save and finish the video color correction in iMovie.

More tip:

To help you easily adjust colors, Wondershare Video Editor for Mac can be a good choice. All you have to do is drag-n-drop your videos to the program, double click it and then adjust the Brightness, Contrast, Saturation and Hue. Besides, you can also use it to crop, split, rotate, merge, adjust audio and add lots of cool video effects as you like. Now just download it and explore the endless editing features it provides!

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iMovie is a video editing program that comes free with the Apple operating system.
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