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How to Use Audio Effects and Edit Audio in iMovie 11

Apple's iMovie offers some audio effects which you can apply to your project. By altering the audio effect in iMovie 11, you can make your videos and movies more interesting than ever. In this tutorial, we will show you how to enable audio effects in iMovie and how to edit audio in iMovie.

Launch iMovie first. If you have videos in the project, click to select a clip which you would like to use audio effects. (Note: You can choose either a video clip or an audio clip. If you choose a video clip, the audio effect you add only modifies the sound that was recorded with the video, not the sound you added to the videos. )

If you haven't any video in the project, you can drag a video clip to iMovie project. Before that, make sure you have added videos to iMovie Event browser. When you click the gear on a video clip, a drop down menu will appear. Choose "Clip Adjustments" to open the Inspector.

edit audio in imovie

Tips: iMovie's video formats are very limited. iMovie is so great a video editing software, and why not edit your videos using it? If your videos are not supported by iMovie, say FLV, WMV, MKV, AVCHD, MTS, etc. please use a Video Converter for Mac to convert the videos to iMovie supported video formats. And if you want to edit a DVD movie in iMovie, you'd better turn to a Video Converter Ultimate for Mac, which can help you convert DVD to iMovie and import DVD to iMovie.

In the Inspector window, choose "Audio Effect", which is located in the middle.

imovie 11 audio effect

Then a "Choose Audio Effect" shows up. In this window, you can mouse over each effect to preview how to audio will sound in the video. Choose the audio effect you want to apply and click on it to select. iMovie then will add this audio effect to your selected video clip.

audio effect in imovie

After all is done, hit "Done" in the Inspector window to finish adding audio effects in iMovie 11.

If you want to edit the audio in iMovie, you can hit the "Audio" tab in the Inspector and then adjust the audio volume, set audio fade in and fade out effect, etc.

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