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How to Create Animated Maps in iMovie 09/11

iMovie provides many map styles for you to place in your movies. These maps add graphic interest and fun to your travel videos. You can add animated maps to your travel videos to show the places you have been in an extraordinary way.

This iMovie tutorial will tell you how to create customized animated maps in iMovie 09/11 to add more color to your travel videos. Just follow the steps to learn how to add world maps to iMovie project and how to edit them so that you can create your own animated maps in iMovie.

How to add animated maps in iMovie

Open your project, and in the Project browser, choose the "Map, Background, and Animatics" button in the toolbar below the viewer to bring out the animated maps window.

iMovie maps

Step 1. Choose the map and apply it

Select an animated map you like and drag it to the timeline on the video you want to apply the effect. After you drag the map to the Project browser, the map will be displayed in frames.

iMovie travel maps

Step 2. Edit the animated map in iMovie

After the iMovie map applied, an inspector window as below will pop up automatically to let you edit the map in iMovie in duration, video effect, and the start and end location. You can also customize the map by adding a Zoom in option. If you want to show an animated route line connecting the two locations, select the "Show route lines/cities".

animated maps in iMovie

To add map video effect, hit "Video Effect" and you will see 20 video effects displayed. Simply click to select your favorite one.

 create animated maps iMovie

To set the start and end location of your travel, you can click "Start Location" and "End Location" to achieve it.

 create animated maps iMovie

After all the settings, click "Done" to save all changes. And now you can preview your iMovie map.

 create animated maps iMovie

If you want to show more than two locations in your videos, you can insert multiple map clips in the iMovie timeline to show your travel itinerary.

If you want to edit the animated iMovie map later, you can click to select the map clip and click the small gear icon that appears on the left side and choose Clip Adjustments to bring out the Map inspector so that you can edit it freely.

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JP Burgess
It only takes a great circle route so no good when trying to show a cruise ship route along a coast line. Any ideas how to fix this? JPB