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4 Ways to Save PDF as Word in Mac OS X (Mavericks Included)

Nowadays, Mac computer is becoming more and more popular in daily study or at work. Consequently, the requirement for applications designed for Mac users would be increasing. However, the amount of applications for Mac is relatively small compared with that in Windows. For instance, Windows users can easily save PDF as Word with a range of PDF to Word Converter Software, while Mac users are not that lucky. Fortunately, if you want to save PDF  files as Word documents in OS X Mavericks, Mountain Lion or Lion, there are still some tools you can choose from.

1. Wondershare PDF to Word for Mac

It would be a direct and appropriate way to save PDF as Word using Mac PDF to Word Converter software. You just need to follow the steps of how to convert PDF to Word in Mac and the work would be done in seconds. The application allows you can convert many files as well as only several pages of a file at a time. As the application is specially designed for Mac users, so it is very friendly and meets the users' habit.

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Pros: high efficiency and accuracy; good security—you can find it on PDF to Word for Mac on Apple Downloads;
Cons: not free but would be cost effective.

Ways to Save PDF as Word in Mac

2. Online Software (Free)

Mac users can take online software for reference. Taking Wondershare PDF to Word Online Converter for example, you just need to upload a PDF file and click convert to begin the PDF to Word conversion process on Mac. After conversion, download the URL of the output Word document to your computer. You can have a try below by yourself.

Pros: standalone of any operating OS;
Cons: low efficiency (only converts a PDF file each time).

3. Preview

If needed, when viewing PDF files by Preview, users would habitually like to "save PDF as Word" in the process, which really means, click Text Tool and select contents and then copy and paste from PDF to Word. Actually, only the text can be save in Word, most of time, they are just in a mess and you need to reformat them. Besides, the other elements like graphics, hyperlinks and layouts would be lost. However, it would still be a tedious and hard work if there are tons of text need to manually copy and paste.

Ways to Save PDF as Word in Mac

Pros: easy to realize; 
Cons: manual work, the formats and most of contents are lost.

4. Adobe Acrobat

Mac users can easily save PDF as Word in Mac if he has installed Adobe Acrobat previously. It just likes breaking a butterfly on the wheel. Add your PDF file in Acrobat and then directly save PDF as Word. The question is that the app is designed for editing, if you have many files need to save as Word, it would be still a tedious work. And some elements like graphics could not be re-edited.

Ways to Save PDF as Word in Mac

Pros: fast and accurate;
Cons: too expensive and not cost-effective.

The ways mentioned above is designed for single users, maybe there are many other applications can do the similar work like PDFpen and OpenOffice, but it would be either not cost effective or inconvenient. Users can save PDF as Word on Mac for many purposes--you can extract graphics, quote data and views, edit PDF in Word, reformat layouts, fill PDF form and etc. That's all up to you if necessary.

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