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Cannot View PDF Files in Web Browser? Get the Solutions

"I already have Adobe Reader installed on my computer, but recently I found that I cannot open PDF files with my web browser. Is there anything wrong? What I am gonna do?"— Robin

This is a common situation that people might encounter. At first, you can click the link of PDF file and open it easily in web browser. However, one day, the PDF file cannot be opened anymore. And you do not know what have happened to your computer or browser. Generally speaking, three factors can affect the browser's ability to display a PDF: damaged files, outdated software or scrambled settings. To solve the problem of not being able to open PDF in web browser, follow the steps below.

open PDF files in web browser

Check the PDF file to see it is damaged or not. If you cannot view PDF files in a web browser, find another one and try to open it. If the second one could be open, it proves that the first PDF you were trying to open is damaged. Then there is nothing to do with your web browser.

If you've failed to open several PDF files in web browser, then you should think about updating the PDF reader or resetting the settings of your web browser.

Upgrade the outdated software. If you've updated your web browser, the former installed Adobe Reader or the plug-in PDF reader in web browser is very likely outdated. In this case, you should check if you have the latest version of the Adobe Reader by opening Adobe Reader from your PC's Programs menu or Mac's Applications folder. With the Adobe Reader opened, go to the Help menu and choose Check for Updates to see if any new version are available. If you're using some kind of plug-ins, like the Google PDF Viewer in Google Chrome, you should go to the tool menu, find the plug-in and check for update.

Note: If you have the latest Adobe Reader installed, some of its support files might be damaged. Try to repair it by going back to the Help menu and select Repair Adobe Reader installation.

Check the settings of your web browser to ensure that the plug-in software for Adobe Reader or PDF viewer is enabled. Browsers from different companies keep these settings in different places. You can find it within the web browser. For example, in Chrome, type in "about: plugins" (without the quotations), you can find all of these plug-ins for Chrome, of course, including Adobe Reader. Enable it.

Some people might need the PDF file in a rash. In this case, downloading and viewing the PDF in local hard disk could be a better choice. After you download the desired PDF, if you need to copy or edit the text, you'd better convert PDF to Word with a free PDF to Word Converter, because some PDF files are not allowed to copy or edit.

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open PDF files in web browser

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