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How to Change EPUB Cover via iTunes

Undoubtedly, if you buy EPUB e-books via iTunes Store or iBooks Store, you could get EPUB books 100% with covers. However, things could be quite different if you download free EPUB books from some e-book sharing sites or make EPUB books by yourself. Normally, these EPUB books do not have covers. When you display them on e-readers iBooks or Stanza , you cannot distinguish them from one another. In that case, you might need to add special covers for each EPUB book respectively. Actually, it is pretty easy to achieve your goal. Here is the way: add EPUB cover via iTunes.

What you need:

  • iTunes
  • Book covers

First, you should get some corresponding book covers, either download from the Internet or make by yourself. Save these book covers on your hard drive.

Second, launch iTunes and import your EPUB books which are lack of covers to iTunes Library. Go to "File>Add File to Library" and Navigate to the EPUB books and click "Open". Or you can directly drag and drop EPUB books to iTunes Library.

Third, in the "Book" section, you could see these books are all lack of covers, only with book name attached to it. Right-click one of them and select "Get Info" to open the dialogue box related to the EPUB. Click the "Artwork" tab to open the adding artwork dialogue box and click "Add" button on that interface to add the prepared EPUB cover.

change ebooks cover via iTunes

You've made it! It is cool, right? This is the easiest way I've used to add stylish covers to my EPUB books. It is also workable when you want to replace the old cover with a new one. It could be more meaningful if you could spend time to customize your own e-book covers. If you want to build your own EPUB eBook from Word, Text, images and more with beautiful eBook covers, try Wondershare MePub, a professional EPUB Builder to create EPUB eBooks. 

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create EPUB

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This no longer works in itunes 11? Any ideas for a workaround?


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