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How to Add Stamp to PDF in Adobe Acrobat

In business world, you have to exchange documents repeatedly with your partners and workmates, right? And during the process, you should denote the status of the PDF documents by marking the PDF documents every time? This is a formula you need to go through. And sometimes you even need to point out where to sign the PDF. To make it easier for others to know what's going on with the PDF documents, contracts, projects, receipts, etc, the easiest way is adding dynamic stamps to the PDF files. Adobe Acrobat offers the option of adding dynamic stamps to PDF documents. Here are the steps to add stamps to PDF via Acrobat X Pro.

Step 1. Open PDF. Go to the File menu, find and open the PDF file you desired to add stamps from your local hard drive.

Step 2. Select Stamp tool. Navigate to the PDF page you need to add stamps and then click the Comment Menu on the top right of the main interface. In the Annotation panel, click the Add Stamp tool to reveal the pop-up menu. Select Dynamic, Sign Here or Standard Business. And under the submenu, select the appropriate stamp, say, REVISED, REVIEWED, APPROVED, CONFIDENTIAL, etc.

add stamp to PDF

Step 3. Edit identity. For future use, your identity will default to the information you entered the first time when used a Dynamic or Standard Business stamp. So here, before enter your information, you should consider what information is needed. To edit identity, open the identity dialogue box by going to Edit > Preferences and select the Identity category on the left.

add stamp to PDF

Step 4. Place the stamp. After you select the stamp, then click on the page where you want to put the stamp. It will appear with your name, date and time. To edit the stamp, click on the stamp to enable it. And then you can scale, rotate or move the stamp around. To attach a note to the stamp, double-click the stamp or right-click on the stamp to select "Open Pop-Up Note" and type in text.

add stamp to PDF

This is how to add stamps to PDF files with Adobe Acrobat. Besides using Adobe Acrobat to collaborate with workmates or partners, you have other options as well, such as Wondershare PDF Editor and Wondershare PDF Editor for Mac. Instead of just putting a stamp on a PDF file to declare the PDF status, you can also add some extra info or comments in the text box for the stamp. Now Wondershare PDF Editor for Mac offers you a range of pre-made stamps to use. And if necessary, you can also create your own unique and stylish stamps by drawing, typing, capturing pictures or even importing exist images.

add stamp to PDF files

Download Wondershare PDF Editor to add stamp to PDF files.

Download Win Version Download Mac Version

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