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FLV Splitter: How to Split FLV Files Fast (Windows 10 included)

If you have encountered one or more of these problems, you are in the right place.

  • The FLV video length exceeds 15 minutes thus cannot be uploaded to YouTube
  • The FLV video files are too large. You need cut them into pieces.
  • Want to split FLV video file into many FLV video files; it's better to handle all other media files (like SUPER)
  • All I want to do is find a simple program to chop either FLV video files into 30 second pieces.

FLV splitter in Wondershare Video Converter Ultimate (Windows 8 supported) can help you accomplish all the above problems. It allows you to split FLV files into small segments and to convert to separate files in any regular formats. Now get FLV splitter tool and split FLV video into segments fast and without quality loss.

Download win version Download mac version

Main Functions of Video Converter Ultimate

  • Intuitive interface to split FLV files
  • 6 times faster with multi-processors
  • No loss of video quality
  • Real-time preview
  • Support splitting FLV, MP4, WMV, MPEG, AVI, and all popular formats
  • All-in-one video software: FLV splitter, FLV joiner, FLV converter

Easy Steps to Split FLV Files

Now check out easy steps to split an FLV video to segments and export to separate files fast and easy.

Step 1: Load FLV files

After downloaded Video Converter, install the program and open it when finished. You'll see the primary windows as below. Click "Add Files" button to select the FLV files you want, and click Open to add them to the program.

split flv files

Step 2: Split FLV to segments

To split FLV video added in the list, right click it to open a menu from which select "Edit" option. This will bring up the FLV splitter window as below. You'll mainly drag the two sliders under the prograss bar to set segments: "Set start point" and "Set end point". As long as a segment is set, click "New clip" (the scissors) button to cut it to the tray.  Finally click "OK" to save the clip on the tray to be converted in the next step.

split flv to segments

Step 3: Start splitting FLV files

You'll need to choose a format to save your split FLV videos. You could either split FLV to multiple FLV files, or any other formats included in Video Converter. To select an output foramt, just hit the Format image on the right side and then select what you want here. Finally click "Convert" button to start splitting FLV files and converting to selected format.


FLV Splitter for Mac

The splitting tool is also included in the FLV splitter for Mac, but it works slightly different from Windows version. You need to add the FLV duplicates to the primary windows and split each one respectively. At last, trim FLV files at one go.

mac flv splitter

Download win version Download mac version

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This allows you to split a large FLV file into smaller FLV files.
Hi, John, this is due to that our products upgrade lately. This tutorial has been updated. For the segment you trim, you need to click the "Convert" button to finish the export. After the conversion finished, you can click "Open folder" to get the converted files instantly. By the way, to change its save path, please click the three dots beside Output folder in the bottom of program window. Best regards,
Even though you just posted this a month ago, the new version downloaded by your link doesn't look like the pictures you posted. I have made a test file of a section I cut out and it says Finished but I don't know if it auto saved on finishing or if I have to save the file manually. I cant seem to find the file on my PC.