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Create Flash XML Gallery and XML Slideshow

This tutorial will show you how to easily make flash xml gallery using photos with ease, no prior knowledge required.

To make the most of your photos and create a stunning flash XML gallery and XML slideshow, a good XML gallery making tool like Wondershare Flash Gallery Factory Deluxe will be a necessary. It's an intuitive flash photo slideshow maker providing a wide range of free flash slideshow templates and transition & motion effects for you. Here you'll learn details about how to make XML gallery or slideshow and change XML file to update XML gallery with new content (images, caption, desription, duration, etc.). 

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1 Import Digital Images and Background Music

Launch the XML gallery making software, choose a mode from Gallery Mode and Slideshow Mode options. Here we choose Gallery Mode.

You'll start from "Browse" tab. Click "Add Photo" button and choose photo from computer to the storyboard. If you want background music, click "Add Music" button to choose music file on computer for your XML gallery.

xml gallery

2Choose a XML Gallery Template

Flash Gallery Factory Deluxe includes over 40 free XML photo gallery templates in Gallery Mode. Simply click your favorite one and you can immediately preview it to the right. There are options for you to customize your gallery, including background color and background images.

flash gallery with xml

3 Preview and Create Flash XML Gallery

Go to "Publish" tab, click "Save" to output XML gallery files to computer so that you can upload to your website. A SWF file, an HTML page and a "resource" folder with XML files will be generated automatically.

You can also directly upload XML gallery to your website via FTP.

create flash gallery with xml

Step 4: Modify XML Files to Update Flash Gallery

One of the benefit of XML is that you can easily update slideshow with new content. But without generate the SWF and HTML, this may be difficult and time consuming. By change XML file, Flash may read content from XML file and display on your XML gallery instantly.

Prepare the images and their thumbnails with your favorite image editing program. Then:

1. To change images, caption and description, duration, etc., open "/resource/xml/album_1/slide.xml" and change text. Below is for one image. You can duplicate it to include more images in your XML gallery.

<viewItem type="image" startTime="4" duration="4">
<info> <caption>Photo Caption</caption>
            <description><![CDATA[<font face="Tahoma" color="#FFFFFF" size="14">Photo Description</font>]]></description>
<dataInfo size="0" url="resource/res/images/album_1/image_0.jpg" thumbUrl="resource/res/images/album_1/thumb_0.jpg" />

 2. To change XML gallery template, copy the template file (*.swf or folder) in "Template" folder under installation location (usually C:\Program Files\Wondershare\Flash Gallery Factory\Template\) to "/resource/res/others/, and open "/resource/config.xml" to change the tag as below.

  <maTempXMLData url="resource/res/others/HemicycleIn.swf" />

  <maTempXMLData url="resource/res/others/template/template.xml" />

A little bit of difficult? Not at all once you mastered it. XML is like a magic!

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