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How to Create 3D Flash Photo Gallery

This flash gallery tutorial shows you how to make flash photo gallery to make your website, blog, or Myspace more attractive in just simple steps with Wondershare Flash Gallery Factory Deluxe, which is a top-rated photo gallery software to create 3D flash gallery, flash photo album, animated slideshow and flash banner for MySpace, Blogger and Webpages. No flash skill and programming knowledge are required.

Let's follow this flash photo gallery tutorial to make 3D flash image gallery or flash photo album together, but first you need to have the software installed on your computer.

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1 Import photos to flash photo gallery software

Launch the flash image gallery software, drag and drop your favorite digital photos to Story Board. You can even improve your imported photos with the built-in editing tool by cropping, rotating, filterring, etc.

You can also add a bunch of songs as background music.

flash photo gallery

2 Select 3D flash gallery template

Choose your favorite template from "template" Tab. Here I select the first one of "3D Theme". There are more stunning 3D flash templates: free flash gallery templates available.

3d flash gallery

3 Publish your 3D flash photo gallery

Modify some "Publish Settings" before creating 3D gallery to your computer or upload online. You can save it to SWF, HTML and XML files to upload to your web server, or directly upload the 3D flash photo gallery to our Online Album so as to get the link to share anywhere.

When finished, you are able to post a message on Facebook, Myspace, Twitter and more to let your friend watch it.

flash photo gallery

You see, it is very easy to make a 3D flash photo album with the best 3D flash gallery maker. Download the software and make your own 3D flash photo gallery or flash photo album now!

3D Carousel Flash Gallery Sample

Note: It requires Adobe Flash Player. If you can't open the 3D flash gallery, refresh your browser or wait a little longer.

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I am very excited to say that I was able to create a 3D photo gallery that is about my African adventure that I had taken earlier in the year. I put it on my blogger blog, it looks great and I am getting a lot of hits for it. This software is amazing and glad I had purchased it.
Excellent quality software this is. I just created my 3D Flash photo gallery and put it on my website and I am very happy that I had invested in this. Highly recommended.
online or offline? If you want to play the swf file via adobe flash player, just click the file to open it. And if you want to publish it online, when you create the swf file, choose "share online" in the step 3.
How can i import an wondershare flash gallery factory swf into Adobe flash?
Wondershare Employee
The detailed solution has been delivered to your mail box. Check it out. Please contact us via email if there is any question. Thank you.
Wondershare Employee
Sorry for the inconvenience. Don't change the "resource" name. The detailed solution has sent to your mail box. Check it out.
in 3d mode when we change the resource name to make two flashes .. dont work .. what i do to solve this problem ?
thx for fast answer . when i make the resource folder and gallery1 in folder has the name gallary1 and export the html out them .. the html file dont work.. and after the change xml code dont work .. what can i do ? and how i will change the src path linked to the SWF file in the HTML files.. and how change all the "resource" path to the new folder name in "config.xml" and "album.xml" files .. if can send to my mail the xml cod ..
Wondershare Employee
Don't hesitate to use the Live Sales on top to get instant support. Pictures are not supported and long XML code is not friendly in the comment. Sorry.
plz iam not uderstand this way pla explain it again ?? if can explain by pictures and write the xml code plz..