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How to Repair "Bootmgr is Compressed" Error

What is BOOTMGR?

BOOTMGR is the abbreviation of Boot Manager (or boot loader for Windows) which is similar to NTLDR for Windows XP earlier Windows systems. If there are multiple operating systems on your computer, BOOTMGR will generate an operating system menu to manage the unique systems. Once BOOTMGR has gone missing, been compressed or corrupted, you can't enter the desktop of any of your operating systems. There are many reasons for a "BOOTMGR is Compressed" error, for example, the system drive has been compressed by mistake, an incompatible driver has been installed, the system has been infected by virus, etc.

bootmgr is compressed

So, know that you are far from alone in fighting with BOOTMGR errors. The two most famous BOOTMGR errors are:

BOOTMGR is missing. Press Ctrl+Alt+Del to restart

BOOTMGR is compressed. Press Ctrl+Alt+Del to restart

The good news is, fixing a "BOOTMGR is Compressed" error is not too difficult. This article will tell you how to repair a "BOOTMGR is Compressed" error quickly and easily. To fix a "BOOTMGR is Missing" error, see a separate article entitled, how to repair a "BOOTMGR is Missing" error.

Repair a "BOOTMGR is Compressed" Error in Windows Vista/7 DVD

Your Windows Installation Disc provides system recovery options to fix a "BOOTMGR is Compressed" error.

1. Boot from the Windows Installation DVD. Set CD/DVD-ROM as the first boot device if not set already.

2. Select "Repair My Computer"

3. Select the OS installation; click the "Load Drivers" button to bring up a drive browser.

4. Right-click on the system drive, and deselect "Compress This Drive", which should still be selected (That's why the "BOOTMGR is Compressed" error has occurred).

5. Click "Apply", in the pop-up dialog box, choose "Apply to Subfolders/files".

6. Reboot your computer and the "BOOTMGR is Compressed" error should be repaired.

Repair "BOOTMGR is Compressed" Error with Bootable CD/DVD/USB

Repairing a "BOOTMGR is Compressed" error is very convenient if you have a Windows Vista/Windows 7 DVD and a CD/DVD drive. But for users who have no Windows Vista/Windows 7 DVD at hand, or netbook users who have no CD/DVD drive installed, here is another solution.

1. Burn a bootable CD/DVD/USB with LiveBoot included in PowerSuite Golden. It's an all-in-one PC toolkit. The screenshot is shown as below.

windows recovery bg

2. Boot your computer with CD/DVD/USB.

3. Go to the Boot Crash Solution section and follow the on-screen instructions to repair a "BOOTMGR is Compressed" or corrupted error.

"BOOTMGR is Compressed" Repair Tips

You are also recommended to use the Registry Cleaner included in the TuneUP kit to scan your registry and fix the problems to get a healthy and faster PC.

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helpful..tnx alot
Then make a bootable USB drive instead of a DVD drive with LiveBoot.
I have an Acer Aspire One Netbook with no DVD drive?? What am I to do?? Please HELP???
Thank You very much!!!
Young Huxein Mushi
thanks very much i really appreciate it!!!!!!!!!
Another thing can done without using cd or a usb drive. Disconnect your Hard drive (which you had compressed mistakenly, where window setup is placed0, connect it to a SATA connector (usb connector for hard drive). Connect the usb to another computer and go to that drive properties and uncheck the "compress the drive" option, it will take time according to your size. This should work.
will try it when I get home... so thank you for a good write up
Pure genius!!!! I actually remember clicking on the "compress this drive" for whatever reason and then I haven't rebooted my computer for quite awhile so just took effect now. Everything is back to normal again. Thanks tons!!!!
I am trying and if it works then thankyou else thankyou
Thank you so much. The first solution was exactly to the root of the disaster. So simple! Just decompress disk and everything is working again!