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eBooks Reading Tips

eBooks Reading Tips

All the eBooks related software's review, tutorial and guide are compiled into this section in order to enhance your reading experience on the iPad, iPhone, Kindle and etc.

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To transfer PDF to iPad mini, iPad 3 or iPad with Retina display for better and convenient reading, you should learn the trick for how to convert PDF to EPUB.
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If you want to annotate PDF files in Mac OS X Mavericks/Lion/Mountain Lion more flexibly and easily, try Wondershare PDF Editor for Mac.
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How to lock a PDF file with password? This article gives you a satisfying answer by guiding you through the whole process of locking a PDF file.
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Format PDF for iPad: this article tells you how to format PDF to suit for reading on iPad.
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This article lists out all the eBookf formats that iPad supports. So you can make most the e-books you have with iPad.
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Wanna know where and how to publish an eBook? This article lists out the best places to publish eBooks and gives you some tips and tricks to publish eBook.
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