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How to Watch DVD Movies on Android

As we all know, Android phones don't have the DVD drive for playing DVD movies. That means there's no such thing which enables you to directly play DVD disc on Android phone at the time being. So what if you want to play DVD on Android? Here are two solutions for you:

Solution 1: Download a Powerful Android DVD Player

To play DVD on Android phone, you can get a powerful Android DVD player to play DVD files in either DVD folder, VOB or other formats. In fact, the Wondershare Player for Android is such a Android player. What makes it really outstanding among any other Android play is that, it can directly play the Video_TS folder from SD card with DVD menu navigation and subtitles! Sounds wonderful? Just follow the simple steps below to see how to do it!

Download apk Download from googlge play

Step 1: Transfer the whole DVD Folder to your phone.

Step 2: Go to the Local tab of the program, find the target file and start enjoying!

Tip: If the app doesn't find your DVD folder on an external SD card, you can go to Settings> Scan Multimedia File Folder> Media Folder> Add Folder and choose the destination folder (i.e. /storage/extSdCard/Videos). Then your media will be found under the Local 's tab.

play dvd folder on android

If your computer and Android phone are in the same local area network, the Wondershare Player for Android can also directly play the DVD files shared by your computer! In this way, you can not only save time of transporting DVD files to SD card by connecting your computer, but also save SD card storage, as the files are always with large bit. This feature must be a new idea on player, so, here will tip you a little.

Step 1: Insert the DVD disc to your computer first and find the VIDEO_TS folder, then make it shareable. Check your IP address to know where your media files are located.

Step 2: Now connect to your remote computer: Go to the Share tab of the program and then click the icon on the top right of Player.

Step 3: Then add a remote server: you can do that by selecting “+” on the top right, and enter your "Server Address”, “User Name” and “Password”. Then press OK to set a new server.

Step 4: After adding a server, open that folder, find the DVD movies and start enjoying!

Solution 2: Convert DVD to Android-friendly Video Formats 

If you don't want to change the default media player on your Android phone, here is another solution; to convert DVD movie to Android compatible video first; so that you can play it with any different media player. To help you easily achieve this, the Wondershare Video Converter is highly recommended. It enables you to convert DVD files to playback on any Android phone with just a few clicks. Download this software and follow the steps to try it out now!

Download win version Download mac version

Step 1: Load DVDs by clicking the Load DVD button.

 video player for android

Step 2: Click the format image on the Output Format panel and go to the Device tab. Here you can find almost all Android phone models such as Samsung, HTC, Nexus and much more from the list. Select one according to your needs.

android player

Step 3: Then hit Convert on the lower-right corner of the interface to start the conversion process. After a few seconds, you'll get the converted DVD files.

Step 4: Transfer the files to your Android phone and play them with any player. It's that easy! 

Here's a detailed video tutorial:

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Is there anyway to view a DVD on nexus player using the network using ES file explorer
Thanks for your love!
Thanks a lot!
I get movies from a variety of sources and often they are in different formats. I could not get my Note 10.1 to play video.ts files on any media app I could find. I finally found Wondershare and now I can watch, or stream, anything. The app immediately found my Plex server and connected with no action on my part. Excellent app, I am amazed it is free. Thank you very much Alejandro!
Hi! I had some difficulty getting Wondershare to find my video.ts folders. Once I got it to scan my external SD card then the movies were listed and played back just fine. Maybe the app isn't looking in the correct places for your video files.
Thank you! I have spent a better part of the day downloading and installing free apps to play my ripped DVDs. I have them stored on my NAS and none of the apps I downloaded worked. The last app I installed was Wondershare but that did not work when navigating directory to the file (through ES File Explorer) and choosing to play the file with Wondershare. I did (yet) another Google search and found this page. I followed the instructions and they work perfectly. I know this is a free app, but I sure wish I could donate to Wondershare!
Hi, Wondershare Video Converter Ultimate supports DVD ISO or DVD folder files. If you use a Mac computer, the Mac version doesn't support the protected DVD files. So, what computer do you use? And is your DVD file protected by DRM? A quick way is to send your DVD files to to our Support Team . The specific technicist will test it for you.
I spent an entire day trying to get WonderShare play a VOB, a DVD ISO file or a DVD folder. It doesn't work, it won't pick these formats out as media, there is no sign that it even knows what any of these formats are. Still waiting for a response from their support. week #4 is almost over....
Actually my Note 2 hardware wise should be plenty capable of playing discs directly with an external DVD drive, given the right software that is.


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