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How to Convert WMV to DVD in Mac and Win (Windows 8 included)

WMV, a.k.a Windows Media Video, is a quite familiar multimedia format developed by Microsoft. You may have a collection of awesome WMV movies stored on computer, or made with Windows Movie Maker. Want to convert WMV to DVD to enjoy them on a DVD player or large screen TV? That's pretty easy if you hold a solid and easy to use WMV to DVD burner like Wondershare DVD Creator (DVD Creator for Mac). With it, you can convert all popular formats like WMV, MOV, AVI, MKV, MTS, MP4, MPG, etc. to DVD without any change in quality. Also, you can use its imbedded editing features to touch up your videos at ease. Below comes how to do it in Windows system, the steps to burn WMV to DVD in Mac is also the same.

Preparation: Download WMV to DVD Converter free trial here.

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Easy Steps to Convert WMV to DVD format

1 Load WMV videos

After download and install DVD Creator, launch it and click "Import" to load your source WMV videos. You can also drag and drop selected WMV files to the primary window directly. After you add all of them, you can double click the video clip to preview it on the right viewing window. 

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2 Edit WMV videos (optional)

WMV to DVD converter also includes common editing functions to enhance your WMV files quickly and easily. Click the pencil icon besides each video title, you can access the edit window. Here, you can do edits like cropping, trimming, rotating, adding watermark, adding effects, and so on.

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By the way, DVD menu is very helpful to organize WMV videos on DVD disc if there are lots of WMV videos. In "Menu" tab, there are many free built-in templates, frames and buttons for your choice. After select a menu template, you can change background image, add text and music, or author a frame and button to make it more personalized.

3 Burn WMV to DVD (Windows 8 included)

After making all necessary modifications, you can go to "Preview" tab to take a look at your WMV DVD disc. If anything needs to be changed, go to corresponding tab. When you are satisfied with the preview, click "Burn" to make DVD settings such as the disc label, output target, TV standard, aspect ratio and DVD drive. Lastly, hit the Burn button, and then this program will automatically convert WMV to DVD.

When DVD burning is complete, the WMV DVD disc will be ejected automatically, so that you can directly insert it into a normal DVD player to watch WMV videos on TV. Cool? Do it yourself now.

Free download WMV to DVD Burner:

Download win version Download mac version

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Maybe there is someting wrong with your files. Please send your files to our Support Team . Our specific technicist will burn it to check out where the problem is.
I tried to burn some of my old WMV files (created on a Windows 7 back in 2011) on my new Wondershare DVD Creator (which is on my new Windows 8) and they came out choppy and grainy (Like when your cables going out.) I have RealPlayer installed but that doesn't seem to help. (That's what the Tech Specs said I needed but it also said it was Windows 7 and 8 compatible) Am I doing something wrong? I know the burner works because I made a movie on my Windows 8 with the Windows Movie Maker and it burned perfect. Please help, thanks.
Hi, Mackenzie, generally, WMV and DVD format use different compressing algorithm. Thus, when you decode and encode the video file, there will be some quality loss. But don't worry, this smart DVD creator enables you to choose video quality before burning. Which means, if your WMV videos are in HD quality, you can also change the output quality to "High Quality" on the bottom right of the program window to compensate for it. Hope it works for you. Best regards,
Mackenzie Fogelson
Does it would lose quality when I try to convert wmv to dvd format? Thx.
There are not many dvd creators supported in Windows 8, but glad to found this one. The easy to follow tips really helps.
As far as I know, MSWMM is the project file of Windows Movie Maker. You should open it with Windows Movie Maker, publish it as a video file (e.g. WMV, AVI), and then burn WMV to DVD with DVD Creator introduced on this page. You CAN'T directly import MSWMM file to DVD Creator. Hope that helps.
how to convert mswmm to avi file ?