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How to Burn QuickTime MOV to DVD in Mac/Win (Windows 8 included)

Almost everyone knows that QuickTime (.mov) is a multimedia development, storage, and playback technology developed by Apple Computer. What's more, the new generation of digital cameras also records high-quality video in QuickTime format (MOV).

Though QuickTime is popular, everyone knows that QuickTime files could NOT be played directly on DVD player. But many people want to burn QuickTime MOV to DVD so that they can enjoy the videos on any DVD player. Is there a solution yet? Of course. What you need is only a sound QuickTime to DVD burner. Wondershare DVD Creator for Win (Windows 8 supported) and DVD Creator for Mac are perfect QuickTime MOV to DVD Converters for you to convert MOV to DVD on both PC (Windows 8 included) and Mac running Mac OS X Snow Leopard, Mountian Lion OS X Lion  etc.

Firstly, free download QuickTime MOV to DVD Converter here. Get the right version according to your situation.

Download win version Download mac version

Note: The guide below takes MOV to DVD Converter for Windows as the example. The Mac version works almost the same. Just make sure you get the right version. If necessary, you can also refer to Mac users' Guide here.

1 Add QuickTime MOV movies

Click "Import" to load QuickTime movies from your hard drive. Double click the video thumbnail, you can preview the videos and adjust video volume if necessary. Organize DVD titles for better DVD making if you have lots of MOV files to burn.

MOV to dvd

2Edit QuickTime video and customize DVD menu (optional)

Before burning MOV to DVD, you can also edit videos, and customize DVD menus. Click the edit button beside each video title, you can rotate 90 degrees, trim out unwanted part, adjust contrast, saturation, brightness, adding watermarks, subtitles, and so on.

If you have many QuickTime files to burn, you're suggested to author a DVD menu to better organize your videos. Click the "Menu" tab, you can choose your favourite one from 50+ ready-to-use templates and further customize it.

MOV to dvd

2 Preview and convert QuickTime MOV to DVD

Click the "Preview" tab to view the videos in case that you may improve it in a certain way. Finally, you can just click the "Burn" button to start to convert MOV to DVD.

With this professional QuickTime to DVD Burner for Win (Windows 8 supported), you will find it pretty easy to convert QuickTime files to DVD for you to enjoy a quality time watching movies with your family at home.

Watch below step-by-step video tutorial:

Knowledge sharing: Play QuickTime video and DVD disc choice

1. If you want to play QuickTime movies on your computer, make sure you have a QuickTime Player installed on your Mac or PC. QuickTime Player is available free from Apple and can be downloaded from Apple's QuickTime page.

2. To burn QuickTime video to DVD for playback on regular DVD players, DVD-R is highly recommmended beacause it's accepted by most home DVD players today. Before burning, you should also mind the TV standard: NSTC or PAL. Generally, "NTSC" 30fps is used in USA, Canada and Japan, while "PAL" is 25fps, used in Europe and Asia.

Free download QuickTime MOV to DVD Burner:

Download win version Download mac version

Product-related questions? Speak directly to our Support Team >>

hi, finally you solve it by yourself. That's good !
lol i sorted it now thank you (noob)
hi when using this sometimes it says burn fail but then i need to convert the file from the beginning again and can take a long time if i burn a disc and then want to burn the same thing at a later date i also need to convert again is their a way to save the file so when i click on it it will just burn straight away as that part only takes a few minutes. thank you.
There is a "Edit" button on each video item bar after you import your videos. You can click it to edit this video file, such as cropping, trimming, adding watermark, subtitle, and adjusting video brightness, contrast, saturation, volume, etc.
A Friend of a Friend
How the heck does the editing feature work?
It's hard to say where the problem is. Please send your files to our Support Team , and the specific technicist will help you test it. :)
I just bought your product and have been trying to burn a .mov video to a DVD disk to play on our TV and/or computer and all I get is the sound, no video. This is a video for our daughters wedding. Please help.
Change another DVD menu to burn your files to the computer (Select .ISO or DVD folder as the output format.) If it works, it means there is someting wrong with your DVD disc.
I just started using this product and it seems pretty good. However after burning the DVD, when I try to play it in either my computer or dvd player the main menu comes up but I can't select which scene I want to play. It doesn't allow me to move through the DVD menu as it does when I "preview" before burning. It doesn't allow me to even just hit play on my DVD player. Please help.
You can directly buy it from here . It's exactly the same as the trial version that You downloaded.


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