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How to Convert MPEG to DVD in Mac and Windows (Windows 8 supported)

MPEG, also called MPG, is widely used in our daily multimedia world. Chances are you want to convert MPEG files to DVD for convenient playback on TV or to better preserve them. But how to burn MPEG to DVD with no quality change and easily? Try a powerful MPEG DVD burner - Wondershare DVD Creator (DVD Creator for Mac) to deal with MPEG and MPG files on your own.

This program is the all-in-one MPEG DVD burner you may need. Besides copping MPEG to DVD disc, it supports virtually all popular formats out there, including AVI, MOV, WMV, MKV, Dvix, VOB, and more. Besides, it provides all common editing functions and ready-to-use menu templates to personalize your DVD. Now free download MPEG to DVD burner to make DVD from MPG files in clicks.

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Note: Below comes the steps to create DVD from MPEG files in Windows (Windows 8 supported). When creating DVD from MPEG files in Mac running Mac OS X Snow Leopard, 10.8 Mountain Lion etc., the steps are almost the same. For more details, please kindly refer to the User Guide.

1 Load MPEG video files

After you install MPEG to DVD converter, run it and click "Import" to load your source MPEG videos. They'll show as thumbnails in the left side screen. If you have multiple MPEG files to burn, you can create more titles and drag them up or down to make them better organized.

At the same time, please pay attention to the green size indicator at the bottom of the program window. If exceededing the red line, you are suggested to remove some items or you'll need a larger DVD disc like D9.

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2 Edit MPEG files

Click the edit button beside each video title, you can also make some modifictions to the original MPEG videos. For example, rotate 90 degrees, trim out unwanted part, adjust contrast, saturation, brightness, and more.

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3 Author DVD menus (optional)

Go to "Menu" tab to customize a menu for your MPEG DVD disc. Over 50 built-in templates, frames and buttons are provided by this MPEG to DVD burner for you to choose and further customization. If you're not satisfied with the presets, search more free DVD template here. Also, you can add background music and image to make it more personalized.

add mpeg to dvd watch on player

4 Preview and burn MPEG to DVD

Go to "Preview" tab to see whether the DVD is what you expect and make changes if necessary. When everything is okay, click the "Burn" tab to make settings such as the disc label, output target, TV standard, aspect ratio and DVD drive (if you have multiple DVD drives). Lastly, click "Burn" to start MPEG files to DVD converting.

When DVD burning complete, the MPEG DVD disc will eject automatically so that you can directly insert into your DVD player to watch MPEG videos on TV. Cool? Do it yourself now. Note that you can also burn MPG to DVD Folder and ISO file, which could be used by third party DVD burning software some time later.

Knowledge sharing: About MPEG, MPG and MP4

1. What's MPEG? MPEG, also MPG, pronounced m-peg, is the acronym of Moving Picture Experts Group. MPEG specializes in the development of video and audio encoding standards. When you have come into possession of a file with an .MPEG or .MPG extension, you may have either MPEG-1 or MPEG-2 video, in which MPEG-1 is used on VCD discs and MPEG-2 video is used for SVCD and DVD discs. The major advantage of MPEG is that MPEG files are much smaller for the same quality. This is because MPEG uses very sophisticated compression techniques.

2. What's the difference between MPEG and MP4? MP4 (or MPEG-4) is a graphics and video compression algorithm standard that is based on MPEG-1 and MPEG-2 and Apple QuickTime technology. Different from MPEG (MPEG-1 or MPEG-2), MP4 is most commonly used to store digital video and audio streams, but can also store other data such as subtitles and still images.

Below is a detailed video tutorial:

Download win version Download mac version

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After i tried the dvd creator, i am so impressed that there are so many formats supported to burn to dvd besides the mpeg format.
Sebastian Cowie
It’s quite easier that I ever thought to burn dvd by myself, thanks for the detail tutorial.
It works well accept for the bid watermark on the trial version
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