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How to Convert and Burn FLV to DVD in Mac/Win (Windows 8 included)

When surfing the Internet, you maybe encounter funny videos from time to time on the video sharing sites, such as YouTube, Hulu, Music, MySpace, Metacafe, Google Video, etc. And you will find that the videos posted on these public sites are mostly in the FLV (Flash Video) format. When you download videos from these sites, you'll probably get FLV video files.

Want to convert FLV to DVD to watch movies on a DVD player or on TV?  Here we recommend Wondershare DVD Creator (DVD Creator for Mac) as the all-in-one Flash to DVD burner. With it, you can not only convert FLV to any format with customizable options for playback with media player or DVD player, but also take FLV on TV by burning to DVD disc with high quality (use "High Video Quality" option in the final step). Now, let's walk through below step by step guide on how to burn Flash to DVD quickly and easily.

Download FLV to DVD video burner free trial:

Download win version Download mac version

Note: This program is cross-platform,and below guide takes the Windows version as the example. Burning FLV to DVD in Mac takes the same steps. If you happen to running a Mac, you can also go to this User Guide.

1Load FLV videos to FLV to DVD burner

Launch this FLV to DVD converter, and click the "Import" button to load your source FLV video files. After FLV files are all added, you can click "↑“ or "↓” to design which clip comes first, and which one goes secondly.

flv to dvd burner

If you want, click "Edit" besides each video title to open the video editing window. A wide range of editing tools are built in: crop, rotate, watermark, effects and so on.

burn flv to dvd

2 Author DVD menu (optional)

Click the "Menu" tab, you'll come to the Menu authoring window. There are different styles of built-in templates for you to choose (No menu is also included). After selecting a menu template, you can change background music and image too. Want to preview all the modifications? Just click the Play button to view them.

burn flash to dvd

3Start FLV to DVD burning

Before burning FLV videos to DVD disk, you can further design the disc label, TV standard, aspect ratio and DVD drive (if you have multiple drives). Lastly, hit Burn to convert FLV to DVD.

When FLV DVD disc writing complete, the FLV DVD disc will eject automatically so that you can directly insert into normal DVD player to play FLV videos on TV. Cool? Do it now. Below is the YouTube tutorial of easy steps to convert Flash to DVD. 

Watch below step-by-step video tutorial:

Tips for burning FLV to DVD:

  1. Maintain or improve the video quality when burn FLV to DVD. Since the FLV is a proprietary file format for publishing and sharing videos online due to its high rates of compression and facilitating online delivery, the video quality is usually not quite good. Therefore, when making DVD from FLV files, do whatever you can to maintain or improve the video quality..
  2. Ensure that you have selected the right TV standard: "NTSC" is used in USA, Canada and Japan, while "PAL" used in Europe and Asia. Make sure to choose "High Video Quality" as long as the size hasn't exceed the limit. If necessary, also convert Flash video to DVD folder or ISO image format and save to computer.

Now download Windows or Mac FLV to DVD converter:

Download win version Download mac version

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The problem can support FLV files. Maybe there is something wrong with your files. Please send your files to our Support Team .and the specific technicist will help you test it.
I did import FLV files but they said "Sorry, the program does not support the following files so far". I don't know why. I actually imported a FLV file. What's wrong here? :(((
seems awesome im gonna try it
Hi, GfiorelliI, yes, you can. Just use the email and registration code you get after buying to register your program at home. Any question, please feel free to come to us. Best regards,
Just download the trial version and it seems good to me, but i want to ask whether i can install it on my home computer if i bought the tool in office?
Wondershare DVD creator is quite a professional tool which i ever met, guess i not the only guy admit it.
this program is awesome good on you guys!!! Total support from me ISH