Create, Share, Export, Search and Download Spotify Playlist

For those of you who are new to Spotify getting around may take some time, although Spotify’s user interface is pretty easy to use. But why waste time on exploration when you can get all of it here and now? So without any further adieu lets get started.

Part 1: Make Spotify playlist

Creating a playlist has never been easier. All you need to do is press the New Playlist button and name the list as you as you wish.


After you have created the list you are free to add as many songs as you want. You can do that by right clicking on the desired song, go to Add to and press on the list you want this song to store in.


Alternatively you can create a New playlist by simply right clicking, go to Add to and choosing New Playlist.

Part 2: Share Spotify playlist

Sharing your playlists is just as easy as creating them, once you have created your playlist all you need to do is to press right mouse click on your playlist and press Share.


After that a pop up window will apear where you can provide further details about your playlists’s content. This is of course completely optional


Once you have finished this proces your playlists will immeditly be visible in Spotify’s data base visible for all users. Conveniently enough, Spotify automaticaly uses the art work from the albums whose songs you have used so there is no no need for you to make custom image for your playlist.


Part 3: Export Spotify playlist

Oddly enough, there isn't any feature (at least not an elegant one) that lets you automatically save your playlists as well as any possible on your device,  in case some of them unintentionally get erased. It is to be expected that in the near future backup options will be available either by the Spotify them selves or either by the third party developers. There are already some solutions on the internet but they either don't work as you would like them to  or they either require a ridiculous amount of additional software in order for them to work, and no they are no elegant by any means.

Our solution is quite simple and the only downside is that you will need to backup your playlist once in awhile or at least as soon as you make any changes.

Spotify supports drag&drop option here as well. So you can easily drag your playlists to your desktop and that's about it. Of course you can store your backups in some folder in order for you find them more easily.


If by any chance you live to see your playlist for some reason gets deleted, you can simply double click on your backup and your songs will be restored but not your playlist as a volume since only the names of the songs are being saved. Therefore you will need to select all of those songs (press CTRL+A in Spotify), press the right click on your mouse and create a New Playlist and rename it. Until we get a patch from Spotify or some app from somewhere else, for the time being, this is the best way to backup your Spotify playlists



Part 4: Search spotify playlist

There a a few ways to search for playlists in Spotify. One is by just simply putting the desired tag in the Search field and Spotify will automatically find anything related to it, including Playlists.


The other way is to click on the Browse button, then click on the Genres and Moods tab which will give you the lists of the most used and relevant tags concerning various types of music.


If you find Spotify search and interface too limiting and discombobulating, you can simply go to http://www.listenspotify.com/ and try and your search there. This might prove to be useful for desktop users. If there is something we did not like here, and something that should be improved, is inability to search the playlist using Ratings search option which does not exists, but hopefully this will be fixed in a very short time period.



Part 5: Download Spotify playlist

Spotify provides a comparable amount of quality music online. The music is always sorted into playlists. You may ask, is there any way to download the Spotify playlists? You can have offline access to the music playlist when you become a premium member of Spotify. Or if you manage to download Spotify music successfully in some way, you may be restricted to play them because they are DRM-protected content. So you’d better find a right, powerful program to help. Here is a good choice—Streaming Audio Recorder. It can help download Spotify playlist free through recording. You can also play the downloaded music playlist without limit. Can’t wait to see how it works? Let’s get started.

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How to download Spotify playlist

Step 1 Install the Spotify playlist downloader

Download and install the program on your computer. Note that you should choose the right one according to your own computer. We will take the windows version as an instance.

Step 2 Download Spotify playlists

Open the program after installation. Click the Record button in the top left corner. Then run Spotify and find a playlist you want to download. When the music is playing, you can find the program will start to record at the same time. Play the whole playlist in a row and the program can split two songs by the silence time between. What’s important is that you should keep the internet going smoothly.

Step 3 Play Spotify playlists on the go

After the playlists have been downloaded, you may want to play the music on the go. Click the Add to iTunes button and you can find the songs in the SAR playlist on iTunes. Then synchronize with your portable devices like iPod.

For other portable devices like Samsung phone, you can first right-click the song and select Open in Folder to find where the music is stored on your computer. Then transfer to your portable devices manually.

Part 6: Extra: Top ten Spotify playlist for Christmas + party + workout + running

1. Christmas Playlists

For those who always have a dilemma about which types of songs are suitable for the winter holidays we have compiled a short list of playlists that might satisfy all the tastes, or at least most of them.

Cristmas-New Years Eve
Pop Christmas
Traditional Christmas
Country Christmas
Classical Christmas
Alt/Rock Christmas
RnB Christmas
50s/60s Christmas
Crooners Christmas
Choral Christmas

2. Party Playlists

If it falls on you to organize a party, and your weak point is the actual music which prevails in such occasions or you just might use some extra content, we he have gathered a list of suitable mixes and remixes in order to help you get throw this party with your pride intact. However we don't know what the neighbors might say.

Party Starter
Teen Party
Mixed Generations Party
Party Hits
Old School Party
R&B Party
Saturday Night House Party
EDM 2014

3. Workout playlist

Push your self to the limits and maximize your training results! Having a good set of songs that initialize an adrenaline rush through your veins will help you in getting to the next level. This compilation will not only fulfill the needs of man or a woman who just want to stay in shape, there are also compilations for bodybuilders who are always conquering the new frontiers.

House Workout
Workout for Normals
Top Tracks in Workout
Workout! (Never Stop Mix)
Indie Workout
Hip Hop Workout
Workout/ PUMP UP
Power Workout
Adrenaline Workout

4. Running playlist

When you are outside, focus on your breathing and always try to break your personal record. For ventures such as these, we have gathered a fine list of inspiring music in order for you to keep your concentration and eliminate any foreign distraction.

Running Low Tempo < 140 BPM
Running High Tempo > 140 BPM
Running Tracks
Running to Rock 170-190 BPM
top running songs.
Running Hits
Running Mix (Marathon Training Mix)
NOW Running 2014