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How to Recover Yahoo Messenger Password

Maybe there is really important message in your Yahoo account, but you can't access to get it, because you have forgotten the password for it. Then what should you do? Can Yahoo password recovery possible? Yes, there is two ways to get it back.

1. Reset your Yahoo messenger password

If you have ever set a secondary email address after creating your Yahoo account or set security questions to protect it, you can using either of them to reset the password. It's a pretty easy job.

If you don't remember the answer to the secret question and the secondary emaill address is invalid, you need to read on and take the second solution below.

2. Recover your Yahoo messenger password

Get a Yahoo messenger password recovery, which can instantly recover forgotten or lost passwords for your Yahoo account. Wondershare WinSuite 2012 is such a tool and works with 100% accurate no matter you are using Windows 7, XP, Vista or other Windows family versions. With 3 steps, you can recover your Yahoo password completely.

Step1. Run the Yahoo password recovery

Install and run this Yahoo password recovery on your computer. Go to the "Password & Key Finder" menu, and you'll get the interface as follow. Click the "Password Finder" to proceed.

yahoo password recovery

Step2. Select Yahoo! Mail/Yahoo! Messenger password

Here are different options for you to recover passwords for different accounts. To recover Yahoo password for your account, select the "Yahoo! Mail/Yahoo! Messenger Password", and click on the "Next" to the last step.

recover yahoo password

Step3. Yahoo messager password recovery

You are performing the last recovering step now. Follow the instruction on the interface, and it will walk you through the Yahoo messenger password recovery.

download yahoo password recovery

After extracting and restoring the Yahoo password, you can export the password to log in to your Yahoo messenger again. Then you can reset the password if you want, but try to use a memorable password for yourself and difficult for others to guess.

Note: it is illegal to recover Yahoo messenger passwords of others if you don't have a permission from this person. This tool is designed ONLY to be used by the owners to recover their own Yahoo accounts when they forgot or lost their Yahoo password.

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