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Help: Windows 7 won't boot up!

I am completely unable to boot into Windows 7 either normally, or through safe mode. Running a boot disc and trying to reinstall doesn't work either.
When trying to enter Windows 7 normally, it gets to the splash screen with the animating windows logo and just sits there.
When trying to enter Windows 7 Safe Mode, it gets to the screen where it tells me it is loading drivers. It gets as far as "CLASSPNP.sys" with "Reading Windows files" at the top of the screen and then gets stuck.
When trying to reinstall Windows 7 from boot disk, it tells me it's starting Windows installation and then sits there.

I have quite a bit of experience with computer but I am at a total loss as what could be wrong here. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Solution: Do a Windows 7 recovery with Windows 7 repair disk

Get a Windows 7 recovery disk: Wondershare LiveBoot Boot CD, which offers you a bootable CD or USB helping to boot up Windows and repair your Windows 7 in a few clicks.

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Now, follow the steps below to do what you need.

Step1: Burn a bootable CD/USB with LiveBoot

Launch LiveBoot and insert a blank CD or USB to the computer. You only need to perfrom one click to Burn a bootable CD or USB  drive, no extra burner needed.

windows 7 recovery

Step2: Boot up your computer from LiveBoot CD/USB

Insert the bootable CD/USB to the computer that you want to repair. Press F12 when system begins loading, get into the USB CD-ROM Drive, then you'll get an interface as follow. Choose to boot your computer from LiveBoot. Then you will be under a bootable environment, where you can work just like under Windows 7. You also can surf online with Internet Explorer here.

windows 7 repair disk

Step 3: Windows 7 recovery

When you access the Windows, LiveBoot will be launched automatically, and you'll see the interface as below. Then click to go to "Windows Recovery" menu.

windows 7 recovery disk

In the "Recovery Center", there are several different Windows crash solutions with detailed symptoms descriptions, such as boot crash solution for boot files missing or corrupted, loading crash solution for drive conflict, registry error, and more. And also there are related Windows 7 recovery utilities along with the solution. Choose the solution that is right describing the issue that your computer encounters and go to fix it.

If you have backed up your Windows 7, you can choose to restore it with "Windows Restore" utility on the left. You can get your Windows to the previous working status quickly and efficiently.

After doing this step by step according to the instruction, take the disc out and reboot your computer, then you'll find your Windows 7 is back to normal.

Also: Get Windows 7 key for reinstallation

Many reasons cause Windows boot failure. If the Windows 7 recovery fails, Windows reinstallation is the last effective solution for fixing many Windows problems. If you want to reinstall your Windows, you must enter the product key. Click "Password & Key Finder" on the top menu of LiveBoot interface, and hit "Windows Key Finder" on the left. Then you can get it right now.

Windows 7 Recovery

Product Name: Display which version your computer installed.
Product ID: Useful numbers for finding information about the manufacturer of your computer or other useful information, including product identification information, product registration status, product authorization information, etc.
Product Key: A unique set of numbers or letters provided with software to help prevent software piracy. Without this required identification number a user would be unable to get into the software they are trying to install into a computer.

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Is WinPE you are using the one from Windows 7 or the one from Wondershare LiveBoot Boot CD? If it's the one from Windows System, I suggest you try with Wondershare LiveBoot Boot CD, this program can process without HDD. But if error happens with HD (such as bad track error), WinPE would also fail to read partition list. In this condition, you could still try with ondershare LiveBoot Boot CD. Insert the bootable CD/USB to the computer and keep clicking F8, soon the "Advanced Boot Options" will exist, here you can decide Safe Mode with command prompt.
Hi, I got eXXactly the same problem! It is 1 week that i look for a way to fix it but still nothing. According to my linux-based disk check (my linux partition still works!), there are some errors in the NTFS file system, something like: cluster 345676789 is referenced multiple times. NTFS is inconsistent. Linux suggests me to run "chkdsk /f" on a DOS prompt because it cannot fix it with open source software. But I just do not find any valid tool which allows me to run a dos prompt and run the command without using the HD: WinPE during startup accesses the hard drive and gets blocked, as well as the windows installation disk. Also my windows vista partition does not start anymore. I am not even able to re-install windows! but at least i am able to recover my data as Linux is able to mount the partition. If you get any information let me know R.
It's likely that your video has been damaged before recovery, Josepharun. If you have ever put any new files to the disk where you lost your video, the lost video may be damaged by the new file, and the disk crash also can hurt the video.
My hard disk crashed when i tried raw to recover the video its showing only 512 size for all my mpg videos where as it is more than 1 gb.