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How to Create a Windows 7 Password Reset Disk/USB

How to create a Windows 7 password reset disk or USB drive to get your computer alive when you forget the administrator password for access? There are two ways for you to make it easily.

Part1. Create a password reset disk/USB for Windows 7 when creating the password
Part2.  Create a Windows 7 password reset disk/USB when forgeting the password

Part1. Create a password reset disk/USB for Windows 7 when creating the password

Windows 7 allows you to create a password reset disk when you creating a password,  in order to protect your computer. If you have ever made a password by yourself, you must have noticed it. It's very easy to make a password  reset disk for your Windows 7.

Step1. Insert a disk or other removable media into the computer.

Step2. Click on the "Start", and go to the "Control Panel". Click on the "User Accounts and Family Safety" and then hit on the "User Accounts. In the left pane, click "Create a password reset disk" and follow the instructions to finish the left process.

If you have created a Windows 7 password reset disk, you can directly insert it into the locked computer to remove the password by resetting. But if you don't make one and forget the password, you can't create it without the original password, and need to move to the second way to create a Windows 7 password reset disk/USB.

Part2. Create a Windows 7 password reset disk/USB when forgetting the password

If the first way becomes dead, download and install Wondershare LiveBoot bootable CD/USB, with which you also can make a perfect administrator password reset disk for Windows 7. No matter you are using Windows 7, XP or Vista, you can make a password reset CD/DVD or USB drive with this program.

Step1. Create a Windows 7 cracker disk

After running the LiveBoot on your computer, you'll get the interface as follow.

windows 7 password reset disk

Insert your prepared blank CD/DVD or USB drive into the computer. Click the burning button to begin the process according to the instructions. It's extremely simple. If you have a burner installed on your computer, you can burn a Windows 7 password reset CD, DVD or USB drive as you wish. If not, you can turn to a USB drive, which doesn't require an extra burner, and you can create one directly.

Step2. Access the computer with the Windows 7 password reset disk

After making the disk, insert it into the computer whose password you forget. Start the computer and press F12 to go to the Boot Device Menu. Select the USB CD-ROM Drive and pree Enter. Then you'll get the boot menu as follow. Choose "Boot from LiveBoot" and you can enter the locked system.

password reset disk windows 7

Step3. Reset Windows 7 password

When getting into the Windows, click "Password & Key Finder", a function option on the interface of LiveBoot. Then hit on the "Admin Password Resetter". With only one click, you can reset the original Windows 7 administrator password as blank.

password reset disk for windows 7

Now the password has been removed. Restart your computer normally and you can access it without being asked for a password. If you want to set a new password for your computer, ensure to choose a safe one and you'll not forget it again.

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