How to Recover Deleted Videos from Samsung Galaxy

Many a times, we need to recover the deleted videos, photos and other such stuffs. No matter that whether they got deleted knowingly or unknowingly, intentionally or unintentionally, once deleted, they are no more. Deleted stuffs are not visible to us and in case we need to get them back, it seems quite a problematic, hectic and tiring job. The article considers the scenario and describes a very easy way to recover not only videos and photos, but also contacts, messages, audios, documents and every such thing, which resided in your cell phone.

Part 1: How to Recover Deleted Videos from Samsung Galaxy

There is a number of recovery software available on the web viz. Android Recovery, Total Recovery, and Zero Assumption recovery. Wondershare Dr. Fone for Android is one of the more popular choices, having a variety of recovery features that makes it friendly to use. It is considered as best data recovery tool and works perfectly with Samsung Galaxy phones. Wondershare Dr. Fone for Android is not only easy to use but guarantees hundred percent fetch of the erased data.

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In case your data was not synchronized and you lose it, you can use Wondershare Dr.Fone for Android. It is one of the best recovery software available on the internet. It not only recovers lost or deleted contacts, text messages, photos, WhatsApp messages, audio files, videos and more, but it is very easy to use too.

Following the steps below, videos can be recovered from Samsung Galaxy devices.

• After installation, connect your device to computer and allow Wondershare Dr. Fone for Android to detect your device.


• Once the device is connected and identified, you need to click on ‘next’ button in order to start the scan.


• The scan will discover the data on your device. This may take few minutes, depending upon the data in the device.


• Once the scan is finished, the ‘recover’ button at bottom right corner (currently disabled), will be enabled


• This is the last step. Once the button has been enabled, you can click on it and recovery process of the discovered data would begin.

Part 2: How to Transfer Videos from Computer to Samsung Phones

Looking to transfer videos from your computer to your Samsung phone? Here is a look at how you can do it, easy and quick. Your Samsung phone will support different video formats, dependent on the video player you use. If you’ve VLC Media player in your Samsung device, you can play anything from .flv files to .dat files. However, by default .mp4 is the supported video format file.

Transferring through USB cable

• One of the easiest ways to transfer the files between computer and phone is through USB cable. Connect your phone to computer, and make sure that it is unlocked and is working as media device.

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• If everything goes right, your computer will detect the device and you will be able to transfer files (copy/cut/paste) from and to your device, behaving as one of the drives of computer.

• In some of the cases, the above method does not work. This can happen either due to flaw in computer or in USB cable or in device software, system does not discover the device and hence the transfer does not take place. To get rid of this menace, Samsung Kies software must be used.

Part 3: Media Transfer using Samsung Kies

Samsung Kies, software designed by Samsung to help your Samsung mobile connect to your PC, is an easy way to synchronize and transfer media between the devices. It can be used for media transfer from one device to another.

• To download it, visit: here


• After installation, click on the orange key icon and launch the application.

• Connect your Samsung device using USB cable. As soon as you connect, you would see a notification: “Connected as Media Device”.


• In case, you do not find your device connected, swipe on your mobile screen (top to bottom), to open notification panel and select, connected as camera (to transfer photos) or connected as media device (to transfer audio and video files).

• In the left panel, click on photos or videos (whatever you would like to transfer), and you would see the data stored in the device.


• Check the images/videos you want to transfer and click on the save button. This would ask you for the destination and upon selecting the location, the transfer would initiate. You can initiate the opposite transfer in a similar way and follow the same steps.

• Click on “My Computer” at the left top of Kies to open My Computer Window, and select the files you want to export. Drag and drop the selected items onto either the connected Galaxy icon or the Device Browser window.


If you’re looking for an all-in-one solution and have access to varied features, we would recommend you using Wondershare Dr. Fone for Android. Otherwise, you’re good to go with Samsung Kies that works nicely as well.