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How to Reset Gmail Passwords

You're here now, so you must want to reset your Gmail password. This is the right place. Generally, there are two ways for you to complete this task. Just move forward to choose one which is helpful.

1. Reset and change your Gmail password under the help of Google

The most common way to reset Gmail passwords is to enter the "Can't access your account?" on the Gmail signing page. After accessing it, follow the instruction to finish all the questions like offering your second email bound with it when creating, answering the question you've set for email security, etc., then you'll get a chance to reset your Gmail password.

reset gmail password

"What if I don't have a valid auxiliary email or forget the answer of the question?" Then you need to switch to the second way to reset your Gmail password below.

2. Reset Gmail password with a Gmail password reset tool

When you login to your Gmail, the user name and password are automatically recorded by the register file on your system. Therefore, with a Gmail password reset tool, you also can reset your Gmail password. Wondershare WinSuite 2012 is such a reliable and professional password reset tool. You can use it to reset your Gmail password in 3 steps with no hassle. Follow steps below to reset your Gmail password now.

Step1. Install and run the program

After installing the program, run it on your computer. Then go to the "Password & Key Finder" menu on the top of the primary window, and you'll get the window as follow. Click "Password Finder" to move to the next step.

gmail password reset

Step2. Select Gmail/Google Talk password to reset the password

Second, select "Gmail/Google Talk password" and click "Next" to begin resetting your Gmail password.

how to reset gmail password

Step3. Reset Gmail password

Last step: reset your Gmail password. Here you'll get the original password for your Gmail account. You can choose to use the password again, or reset the password after accessing the account.

gmail password reset

Note: It is illegal to recover Gmail passwords of others if you don't have a permission from this person. This tool is designed ONLY to be used by the owners to recover their own Gmail accounts when they forgot or lost their Gmail password.

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