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How to Recover Deleted Files from BlackBerry Bold

Problem: Recover video and photos from BlackBerry Bold

I have accidentally deleted all my photos on my Blackberry Bold 9900 with a wrong operation. Please help!! Is there any way to retrieve them? Any help would be appreciated!

In fact, there's the chance to recover deleted photos and videos from BlackBerry Bold phones, but there's also a restricted condition for you: The phone shouldn't be used to capture new pictures and videos, as well as to store other new files on the memory card. Why? Deleted files can be overwritten by new files. Once they're overwritten, it's impossible to recover them again. If you've stopped using the phone after the accident, congratulations! Read on for the solution.

Solution: Recover photos & videos from BlackBerry Bold

Before getting started, prepare a BlackBerry Bold photo recovery tool: Wondershare Photo Recovery, or Wondershare Photo Recovery for Mac (available for Mavericks).

Both of the programs are reliable and professional. With the help of this program, you will be able to retrieve all videos and photos from BlackBerry Bold, no matter you lost them due to deleting, formatting or other reasons. It supports the recovery of  BlackBerry Bold 9000, 9700, 9900, 9930, etc. 9. You can recover files in 3 simple steps actually.

Try the free trial version of this BlackBerry Bold photo recovery software now. Choose the right version for your computer.

Download win version Download mac version

Note: Remember to save the scan results if you're going to recover the found files later, to prevent data loss.

Step 1. Launch the BlackBerry Bold photo recovery program

When launching the program, you need to connect your phone to the computer with a digital cable, and make sure it's been detected. Then click "Start" button in the main interface to begin BlackBerry Bold photo recovery.

blackberry bold recovery

Step 2. Choose to scan all deleted files on your BlackBerry Bold.

recover deleted photos from blackberry bold

Step 3. Check and recover deleted pictures & videos from your BlackBerry Bold with one click.

retrieve deleted photos from blackberry bold

Note: Don't save the recovered data on your BlackBerry Bold or the memory card again. Find another place for it like on your computer or other external disk, for safety's sake.

Video tutorial of Blackberry Bold photo recovery

Download win version Download mac version

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Hi, I'm sorry to tell you that it's quite hard to recover your pictures. To use Wondershare Photo Recovery, you have to make your phone recognized as a hard driver or flash driver. it scans the memory card. While you said the pictures are not in the memory card, so I'm not sure about your case. Anyway, you can try the program to see whether it can find your pictures or not. Try your luck!
Hi selena, Because of different blackberry ID Sign In, i lost all my pics in the device itself,not the memory card :( Is there any possible way to retrieve them back,i have been using the bb 9900 for 2 years and i lost all the memories :( I never use the phone anymore since i acidentally wiped all the data on it Thanks so much for your kind reply
I can't understand why you've wiped your phone twice. To be honest, it's hard to get all the data back, but try your luck to do as what this article tells you to do. Maybe you can get some data back.
i wiped my phone twice , yesterday 1 time and today 1 time how can i restore my data pls pls pls help me out i have 9900 bold balckberry , version 7.0
Just download the program to scan your phone. Try your luck to see whether they can be recovered or not.
Negin Olfati
I over writed photos in my Blackberry device memory and chance I can recover them?
I'm afraid that your phone is not supported if there isn't a media card.
I didnt have a media card can i still recover the deleted video's...the software doesnt detect my device.
The data overwritten is complicated. The photo that you just deleted might be overwritten. The best way to avoid overwritten issue is to stop using your device when the data was lost.
Worked fine for me. Couldn;t retrieve the one I just deleted but able to retrieve older ones


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