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How to Recover Deleted Photo & Video from Nokia Lumia

Can I recover deleted pictures from Nokia Lumia 800?

I deleted some pictures and movies of my Nokia Lumia 800 
accedentially . I haven't found any "trash" or something like that on my Lumia 800. Can anyone help me to recover them? 

There isn't the same trash as on your computer, where your deleted files will be saved at first. Usually, media files including photos, music and videos are stored on the memory card inside your Lumia phone. When you deleted those files, they'll be marked as useless and become invisible. However, it doesn't mean that they're gone forever. In other words, only the place that they occupied has been marked as blank and available for new files. You still have a good chance to recover deleted photos, videos from Nokia Lumia phone before they've been overwritten by new files.

Therefore, it's very important to protect your phone or the memory card from being overwritten, or the Nokia Lumia recovery will be difficult.

Steps of recovering deleted photos & videos from Nokia Lumia

First of all, find a trustable Nokia Lumia photo recovery tool. If you have no idea, Wondershare Photo Recovery, or Wondershare Photo Recovery for Mac (available for Mavericks) can be a nice option. Both of them have a good support of photo, video and audio recovery from Nokia Lumia, no matter you're using Lumia 910, 900, 800, 710, etc. And it allows you to preview all photos before you recover them.

Try the free trial version of this Nokia Lumia recovery software now. The whole soution only takes 3 steps.

Download win version Download mac version

Note: Remember to save the scan results if you're going to recover the found files later, to prevent data loss.

Step 1. Connect your Nokia Lumia to the computer

Before getting started, connect your phone to the computer. Or you can choose to connect the memory card with a card reader. No matter which way you choose, make sure it will appear as a drive letter in "My Computer". Then launch the program and click "Start" on the main interface as follow.

nokia lumia recovery

Step 2. Scan your Nokia Lumia for deleted photos, videos

When come to the step 2, you'll get an interface as follow. You phone usually appears as a drive letter I or H. Choose it and click "Scan" to search deleted photos, videos and music. If you only want photos back, you can refine the scan result by using the "Filter Options".

recover deleted photos from nokia lumia

Step 3. Preview and recover photos & videos from Nokia Lumia

Now, you can check photos, video and audio files one by one in this step. Check those you want and click "Recover" to save them on your computer with one click.

retrieve deleted photos from nokia lumia

Note: Don't save the recovered data on your Nokia Lumia or the memory card again. Find another place for it like on your computer or other external disk, for safety's sake.

Video tutorial of Nokia Lumia photo recovery

Download win version Download mac version

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Please tell me your solution :)
If there is a memory card in your Lumia 710, you can use Wondershare Photo Recovery to help you. Otherwise I'm sorry but this program can not help you then.
I have lumia 710, I accidently restored my old software ,, so that my existing files and softwares are deleted.. Pls help me to get my new software.
This won't work on Lumia phones where the memory is built in, rather than on an accessible memory card. If I find another solution, I will post here. If anyone else has already found another solution, please post here too.
How about take that memory card out and insert it into a card reader then connect it with your computer?
Hi!, I have lumia 710, but the memory doesn't displayed as a driver, this is reallt critical for me, i lost an important file in my phone, can you pleas ehelp me?
Hi, I was able to get my phone to be recognized by my computer without using zune, but it won't show up as a drive... could you recommend a program that would allow it to be read as a drive? :/ thanks
Please make sure your Lumia phone can be recognized as a drive by your computer, otherwise this program can not detect it too.
I'm trying to use this but it will not detect my driver? help?
Amit, you can download a trial version of Wondershare Photo Recovery to scan your Lumia 710 or SD card first. If you have not used the device or the SD card, you can possibly retrieve photos and videos from Lumia 710.