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How to Recover Deleted Messages from Samsung Galaxy S4

Want to recover deleted text messages on my Galaxy S4

I just got a new Galaxy S4, but when I deleted some text messages on it, I mistakenly deleted some important ones that I never wanted to lose. The bad news is that I don't have a backup. So, is there any way for me to recover deleted messages from Galaxy S4 without backup? I will be much appreciated for your help.

We all should admit that doing backups regularly is really a great habit, while most of us don't have it, because we can never understand the feeling of losing irreplaceable data forever, unless we have suffered it. The good news is that the developed technology brings us a chance to get those lost data back, and Wondershare Dr.Fone for Android is one of the products produced by it. This data recovery software enables you to recover deleted and lost messages from Samsung Galaxy S4 phones with no hassles. Moreover, you can use it to recover lost contacts, photos, videos and documents on Galaxy S4, and it supports lots of Android devices.

Download the free trial version below for free now:

Download Win Version

Note: No matter your Galaxy S4 is rooted or not, this message recovery software supports them completely.

Step-by-step guide to recover lost SMS on Galaxy S4

Next, let's do retrieve lost messages from your Samsung Galaxy S4 together.

Step 1. Enable USB debugging your Galaxy S4

To get started, you need to make sure that you've enabled USB debugging your Galaxy S4. You can check it by this way:

Go to Settings < About Phone < Build number for several times until getting a note You are under developer mode < back to Settings < Developer options < check the box before USB debugging.

After you've done this, run the program on your computer and connect your Galaxy S4 with USB cable. Then the program will identify your device and be ready to scan it.

galaxy s4 lost message recovery

Step 2. Scan your Galaxy S4 and recover your lost SMS

Click the Start button on the window above to begin scanning you Galaxy S4.

If you've ever rooted your Galaxy S4 before, you'll see the program's window becomes like below before it scans your device. At that time, you need to turn around to your phone and click Allow on the home screen to let the program popping up on it go. Then back to your computer and click the Start button to continue scanning your device.

recover galaxy s4 messages

What the program performs is a deep scan, which will take you a quite long time, but offer you a more intact recovery report. You can preview all recoverable contacts before you save them on your computer, as shown on the window below.

galaxy s4 message recovery

You can selectively tick off whatever you want and recover them to your computer. The recovered data is composed of deleted messages and existing messages. As a matter of fact, they have their own colors, and you can separate them by clicking the button on the middle top: Only display deleted items.

Download the free trial version for free first to have a try:

Download Win Version

Product-related questions? Speak directly to our Support Team >>

If so, before recovering your deleted text messages, you need to root your phone first, because if you don't root the phone, then the program can't detect your phone.
Ok so i need some help pls! I have a Samaung S4 and iam needing to recover my deleted text messages. Get trough to analyzing the phone but for some reason it keeps restaring my phone. Then the analyzing will fait and it will try an alernative and then tells me to root my phone. Any help will be appreciated.
Hey, Christine, You'd better recover your deleted photos as soon as possible, or you can't recover them any more. It's not that a big deal for rooting your S4. Why not try your luck to see whether you can get your photos back or not?
I have an S4 with an android version 4.4.2. Wondershare would ask me to have my phone rooted - to recover my deleted photos. This after telling me scanning is unsuccessful. Is there any way that I can recover my deleted photos without me having to root it? Please help.
No, there is no difference when you use the trial version or the paid version to scan your device. Only the difference is that the paid version enables you to use the Recover button to get the data back to your computer. So I should say that there must be something wrong with the program, and hope you can send us the feedback, so that we can find the problem and get it worked out.
Your response is unclear. I've only tried using this program over the last week. I left my phone at work all weekend and it's back up to 73% scanned today, but again- it's looking like 4-5 days is likely to scan the entire phone and (hopefully!) recover the photos I'm missing. My question was whether or not the paid version of the software actually scans the phone faster than the free version.
If you've encountered this all the time, there may be something wrong with the program. Please click on the icon of feedback on the top of the program's window to send us the issue, so that we can solve this problem for you. Do remember to send the feedback immediately when you're in the trouble.
I'm heartbroken. Over the last 3 days it's gone from 34% to 79% when Excel freaked out on my computer and I was forced to do a hard restart. Now I will have to leave my phone at work all weekend and hope it's done by Monday- my question for you, is the paid version faster? I know it's a lot of data, but having to wait 4 or 5 days seems insane. Also, how come the "Live chat" option in the program's drop-down only leads you back to the website, where there's no live chat option?
Yes, you're right. The bigger the amount of the data, the longer the program will scan for.
Actually, I left it alone, and in the 6 hours since my previous comment, it's moved to 38%. So- it's moving, just REALLY slowly. I'm hoping that's because it's recovering the 1,888 photos I accidentally deleted this morning, but I'll be sure and update you with how it works. Hopefully, my updates will be good news!


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