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How to Recover Deleted Files from iPod touch 5/4

If you've accidentally deleted files from your iPod touch, or lost your iPod touch 5/4 unfortunately, and you're wondering whether you can get those lost important files back, you are coming to a right place. This article provides you with a complete solution to recover deleted files from iPod touch in 2 ways, even you lost your iPod touch. In addition, this solution also can be applied to iPhone and iPad data recovery.

How to recover files from iPod touch 5/4

If you've ever synced your iPod touch with iTunes before, iTunes will generate a backup for the data of your device, and update the backup next time when you sync your device again. Therefore, you can get back your data by using iTunes backup. What if you don't have an iTunes backup? Don't worry. You can also recover your data directly from your iPod touch.

That's the most important thing this article is going to show you. With a useful iPod touch file recovery tool, your problem can be solved easily. Here is it: Wondershare Dr.Fone for iOS (Mac) or Wondershare Dr.Fone for iOS (Windows). This iPod touch data recovery program can help you extract iTunes backup, or directly scan your iPod touch 5/4 to recover all files from it. Follow the detailed steps below.

Download the free trial version below to have a try.

Download Win Version Download Mac Version

Step 1. Choose a recovery mode

When running the program (take the Mac version for example) on your computer, you'll get the primary window as follows.

ipod touch data recovery

Then you're provided with two kinds of recovery modes here: Recover from iTunes Backup File and Recover from iOS Device. If you choose the first one, just move on. If you choose the other one, you need to connect your iPod touch to the computer, and then move on. Let's try the first one in the next step.

ipod touch data recovery

Step 2. Extract your iTunes backup

Your iTunes backup files are automatically found and listed in order there. Choose the one for your iPod touch and begin to extract the content of it by clicking Start Scan.

ipod touch data recovery

Step 3. Recover files from iPod touch backup

After the scan, all contents are extracted and displayed in categories. You can preview all of them by choosing the category on the left side of the window. When find the files you want, mark them and click Recover. You can save them on your Mac with one click.

recover deleted files from ipod touch

To avoid data being lost from your iPod touch, you should remember to make a backup on your computer.

Download Win Version Download Mac Version

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that's exactly my problem... if anyone finds out, it'd be great to post something..
What model of iPod Touch do you have? If it's an iPod Touch 5G, Dr.Fone will not be able to recover videos and pictures directly from it. But If you have an iPod Touch 4G, I guess your lost videos and pictures have been overwritten by new data. If you still have questions, please visit Wondershare support center for help.
A wang
I got to the part where I am about to recover pictures and videos, but i cant find the button that says, "only display the deleted items". i can see the button on all of the other things, like notes and contacts, but the button isnt there for videos and pictures like it is in the youtube video on how to do it. HELP thx ps. i have a windows laptop, just in case that helps
Well, I‘m sorry but Dr.Fone does not support data recovery directly from iPod touch 3G. If you really want to recover from iPod touch 3G, you can take Dr.Fone for iPhone 4S as a try, but I I am not sure whether it works or not.
Kyle 94v
i deleted a note by accident and i really need to recover it but i have an itouch 3rd gen..are there any other programs that you would recommend that would work with my itouch being that yours only goes back to the 4th gen itouches? Sincerely, kyle
If your restore your iPod, you can only recover your lost files from iPod iTunes backup of it no matter you are using an iPod touch 4G or an iPod touch 5G.
Hi, I am having that issue where itunes is saying that my ipod is in recovery mode and I should restore it. I was wondering if I will be able to recover my lost files using WonderShare after I've restored my ipod?
It's hard to tell. You can download a trial version to scan your iPod touch 4G first. If the deleted note is still there, they will be scanned by Dr.Fone. And then you can recover them.
that's wonderful, by the way. God bless you!
How long before you used Wondershare were your files deleted? And did you add anything to your itouch after the deletion (any new notes, photos, download any messages, etc?)