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How to Recover Deleted Photos from Sony XPERIA Z

The other day I was at my family thanksgiving reunion and left my unlock Sony XPERIA Z on the living room table. When I came back, my 5 years old little mischievous cousin was playing with it and accidentally erased some personal pictures. If only there’s a way to recover my deleted photos?

There is one last chance of getting your photos back, but it will only work if you didn’t overwrite your smartphone memory or SD card. Thanks to Dr.Fone for Android by Wondershare, you can simply and effectively recover back all your precious snapshots at a click of a finger.

All you need to do is to connect your Sony XPERIA Z to your computer, launch the user-friendly Dr.Fone for android software and simply follow the instructions. It would take you roughly 15 to 20 min for Dr.Fone to do his magic, and while you’re waiting for it, why not grab yourself a cup of coffee and just relax. By then, Dr.Fone for android will recover your deleted photos from your smartphone. Also, with the nice clean look interface, you will be able to preview your deleted photos and choose which one you really want to recover.

Finally, and not the least, Dr.Fone for Android can and will recover much more than photos. It can also recover videos, music, SMS, contacts…; well pretty much everything on your smartphone.

As the saying goes, a picture is worth more than a thousand words so you will find below the step by step instructions to recover your deleted photos on your Sony XPERIA Z using Dr.Fone for Android:

Step 1. Plug in your Sony XPERIA Z

Plug-in your Sony XPERIA Z to your Windows computer using the USB dongle and start Dr.Fone for Android software. When the picture below shows up on Dr.Fone, please click on the Start button.

recover photo from sony xperia z

Step 2. Manipulating the Smartphone

By then, your smartphone will automatically display the restore menu. You will need to operate your phone by following the instruction on the Dr.Fone for android software. It will tell you when and how to do it.

recover deleted photo from sony xperia z

Step 3. Scanning

Here is where the magic happens, relax and wait for Dr.Fone for android to do his work

recover lost photo from sony xperia z

Step 4. Preview and recover deleted photos on Sony XPERIA Z

If you want to recover all of your photos, make sure the photos box is tick (fig. 1) and click on recover (fig. 2). If you want to preview your photos and select a specific picture that you want to recover, please tick the box next to the photo you want to recover (fig. 3) and click on recover (fig. 2)

how retrieve deleted photo from sony xperia z

Feel free to to try Dr.Fone for Android.

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