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How to Recover Data from Removable Media

Can I Recover Deleted Files from Removable Media?

I have a removable USB flash drive which stores some of my photography works. Unfortunately my kid mistakenly deleted all of them. I was too busy to transfer them to my computer. Are there some solutions to recover my deleted pictures from it? Thanks.

Removable media is more and more widely used for data storage nowadays. However, data on removable media might be lost due to deletion, formatting, virus infection or even system error. When files are lost from removable media, they are not actually disappeared. They are marked as inaccessible data and will be waiting for new data to overwrite them. This means that you can possibly recover data from removable media as long as data is not overwritten.

To recover data from removable media, you’d better stop using it and look for a removable media data recovery program to help you. Wondershare Data Recovery, or Wondershare Data Recovery for Mac is such a tool that enables you to recover data from all kinds of removable media, including external hard drive, USB drive, memory card, etc. With it, you can effortlessly retrieve files like images, videos, document files, audio files and more from your removable storage device.

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Perform Removable Media Data Recovery in 3 Steps

We’ll perform the recovery with Windows version of Wondershare Data Recovery. And before we get it started, please ensure that your removable media can be well-connected with your computer.

Step 1 Select recovery mode to start removable media data recovery

Start Wondershare Data Recovery on your computer and you’ll see an interface as the picture below shows.

Here you can take “Lost File Recovery” mode as a try.

recover data from removable media

Step 2 Scan your removable media to look for lost files

In this step, you just need to select your removable media and click “Start” button to let the program scan it.

If files on your removable media were lost because of formatting, please select “Enable Deep Scan” option in the window.

recover files from removable media

Step 3 Recover Files from Removable Media

After scanning, all scanned contents on your removable media will be displayed in “File Type” or “Path” categories. You can view file names to check whether your lost data can be recovered or not. You will also be able to preview found images too.

Then you just need to select files you need and click “Recover” to save them on your computer.

Note: To prevent the recoverable files from being overwritten, please do not save them back to your removable media during the recovery.

removable media data recovery

Download Win Version Download Mac Version

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