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How to Print Text Messages from Samsung

Why do you want to print text messages?

There can be many reasons to this. A few of them are discussed below:

  • Official Records – If you are using your Samsung mobile phone for official use especially where the phone has been provided to you by the organization you work for and the messages you receive on it are official, getting text messages printed ensures that the messages are documented and can be presented to the authorized persons whenever needed.
  • Clear Visibility and Referencing – Since the idea of handing your phone over to the higher authorities while referring to the text messages it has doesn’t sound decent, it becomes important to have the messages printed. Hard copy of the messages also makes it easier to present them to the authorities when needed in reference with the conversation.
  • Security – After all a mobile phone is merely a device that can crash any time. To make sure you don’t lose your important messages, you get them printed and keep the hard copy of the messages at a safe place. Sometimes you may also want to have multiple copies of the messages to be printed as backup.

How to print text messages from Samsung


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In order print the text messages from your Samsung smartphone, your first step is to move the messages from your phone to your PC, and then use a printer to get the printout of the messages of your choice. Among all the decent programs available in the market, Wondershare MobileGo serves the purpose pretty well and in a straightforward way.

This entire procedure can be performed in 4 steps using Wondershare MobileGo and the instructions to get the job done are given below:

Step 1Launch Wondershare MobileGo and Connecting Your Samsung Phone to the Computer

  1. After you have installed Wondershare MobileGo, launch the program by double-clicking its icon.
  2. Use the data cable that came with your Samsung phone to connect your smartphone to the computer. (Samsung Galaxy Note 4 is used here to demonstrate the steps.)
  3. Wait until Wondershare MobileGo detects the phone and installs the required drivers both on the PC and smartphone.
  4. On your smartphone, once the Allow USB debugging box pops up, tap to check the Always allow this computer checkbox. (Optional)
  5. Tap OK to provide your consent to allow the Samsung phone to trust the computer to which it is connected.

How to Print Text Messages from Samsung

Step 2 Transfer Messages from Samsung to PC

1. Back on the computer, from the left pane of the opened Wondershare MobileGo interface, click to select the SMS category.

2. Wait for the messages to get loaded and displayed on the screen.

How to Print Text Messages from Samsung

3. From the available messages in the middle pane of the interface, check the checkboxes representing the ones that you want to get printed.

4. Click the Export button from the top.

How to Print Text Messages from Samsung

5. Once the Save As box opens up, browse for the location where you want to save the file.

6. From the Save as type drop-down list at the bottom, choose Txt files (.txt).

7. In the File name field, specify an easily understandable file name.

8. Click the Save button when done.

How to Print Text Messages from Samsung

Step 3 Print the Text Messages

1. Once Wondershare MobileGo displays the Save As File box after saving the files, click the Open Folder button to go to the location where you saved the text file.

How to Print Text Messages from Samsung

2. Double-click to open the text file.

3. From the menu bar of the opened file, click File.

4. From the displayed menu, click Print and then follow the traditional method to print the messages that the file contains.

How to Print Text Messages from Samsung

Additional Tips

Apart from printing the text messages directly from the Notepad file, you can also copy the messages to any other, more advanced word processor such as MS Word in order to make some smart changes such as highlighting the important words, adding bullets or paragraphs to the lengthy messages, etc.

In any such advanced word processor, you can even increase the size of the important words or color the text that need immediate attention.


Official or personal, it is always a good idea to keep backups of your text messages, in the form of hard copy whenever needed. Doing so ensures you have access to the important information even if your devices loses its data or you want to clean its memory to accommodate new stuff.