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How to Permanently Erase an iPad's Data Before Selling It

After the release of the iPad Air and the iPad mini with Retina display, more and more iPad users begin selling their old iPads to buy a new one. If you're one of them, this article will be great for you. There are really some tips that you need to know before you sell your old iPad, for the safety of your personal information.

Part 1: Backup Data on Your iPad

The most important thing is do a backup for your iPad. You may need it on your new iPad or for other use later. When it comes to backup an iPad, there are at three ways by using iTunes, iCloud or Wondershare TunesGo.

  Wondershare TunesGo iTunes iCloud
Devices For all iPads For all iPads For all iPads

Preview before backing up;
Selectively backup data on your iPad;
Available to import the backup selectively to iDevices, Android devices and others;
Easy to use.

Easy to use.

Easy to use.

Cons Paid software with a trial version.

No preview before backup;
No selective backup;
Only available to restore the entire backup to iDevices.

No preview before backup;
No selective backup;
Only available to restore the backup to iDevices.

Download Windows version, Mac version iTunes iCloud

Watch the video about backing up iPad data without iTunes/iCloud below.

Download the trial version of Wondershare TunesGo to backup your iPad data now.

Download Win VersionDownload Mac Version

Part 2: Erase Everything on Your iPad Permanently

After backing up the data, it's the time for you to wipe everything on your iPad now, including personal data and all settings. If there is no sensitive data and information stored on your iPad, you can choose to use the built-in eraser in iOS:

Go to Settings > General > Reset > Erase All Content and Settings

General speaking, this can make your iPad in factory default settings. As to some powerful recovery tools in the market, only deleting data on your iPad is not so safe now. The best way is to delete iPad data permanently for resale. You'll never know whom your iPad will be sent to.

Making sure that the whole data on your iPad, including history records of various accounts and passwords, can be completely wiped and can't be recovered, you can try this way: use Wondershare SafeEraser or Wondershare SafeEraser for Mac. It can help to 100% delete all data and settings on your iPad, so that you can sell it with no worry. It works great for all iPads and is pretty easy to use.

Download Windows VersionDownload Mac Version

1. Connect your iPad to the computer and run Wondershare SafeEraser.
2. Choose ERASE ALL DATA ON DEVICE and confirm it.
3. All data on your iPhone will be wiped completely and permanently in a few minutes.

4. After that, you'll get a totally new iPad. No matter which data recovery software you use, you can't recover any data of yourself, but a number of junk files.

erase ipad data before selling

Part 3: Unlink/Unregister Your iPad

It may be also a good idea to unlink or unregister your iPad from Apple's website, so that it's no longer linked to your Apple ID.

1. Go to https://supportprofile.apple.com/MySupportProfile.do

2. Log in with your Apple ID.

3. Click on edit products.

4. Click on the x to the right of the product.

5. Click Unregister.

Part 4: Clean It up Physically for a Better Price

Last, try to clean up your iPad as possible as you can. A great appearance will be helpful to improve the price. At least, the buyer will consider it first. If you have any other problems or great suggestions, please share them in the comment below.

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