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How to Recover Files from Pen Drive

Pen drive puts us at unexpected risk as well as brings great convenience. Instead of storing our handy files in a computer, We always get used to store them in a pen drive. Especially for those travelling businessmen, it's really quite a safe and convenient way to take data along. However, pen drives also brings data loss due to some unknown or known reasons.

Reasons for pen drive data lost:

1. Error: "The Drive F: has not been formatted, do you want to format it now?"
2. Formatting the drive or deleting folders and files by accident
3. Unpredictable power down when you plug in computer
4. can't "Safely remove hardware" in Windows
5. Virus attack
6. Frequently use
7. More unknown reasons

How to perform pen drive recovery

To find back your lost pen drive data, you need to use pen drive data recovery software. It's very important to choose a safe and professional pen drive recovery tool, because some low-level programs may hurt your lost data more. Here we humbly recommend Wondershare Data Recovery  for Windows users, and Wondershare Data Recovery for Mac (available for Mavericks).

Both of them are easy-to-use and provide specific recovery mode to recover all files deleted, formatted or lost for other reasons separately like videos, photos, music, documents, emails, archive, etc. Besides pen drives with different brands, Wondershare Data Recovery (for Mac) supports the recovery from various media storage such as external hard drive, USB drive, digital camera, mobile phone, iPod, and more.

Now, let's download the pen drive recovery software and perform the recovery.

Download win version Download mac version

Only 3 steps to recover files from pen drive

Step 1. Download and run the right version of data recovery on your computer and you'll get the primary interface as follow (try the Windows version here), then insert your pen drive into the PC.

pen drive file recovery

Go to "Next" and choose the file type that you want to recover from your pen drive.

pen drive data recovery

Step 2. Choose your pen drive to scan for lost data (External removable devices).

pen drive recovery

Step 3. preview and check your desired files and click to recover.

When saving the recovered data, considering for safety, please choose another place, such as computer hard drive or other external devices, but not the pen drive where you are recovering files now.

pen drive recovery

Video tutorial of pen drive data recovery

Why is pen drive recovery possible?

Yes! You can recover data from pen drive easily. As a matter of fact, lost files are still somewhere on your pen drive but inaccessible, no matter you delete, format or lost them due to other reasons. Marked as reusable, the space that is occupied by lost files tells the system that it's can be made use of to save new data. Therefore, if you haven't written new data in it, you are able to recover the lost files, because they would be still there.

Keep in mind: If you lost vital files from your pen drive, do not save any more data to your pen drive to avoid the lost files being overwritten.

Download win version Download mac version

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You can download a trial version of Wondershare Data Recovery to have a try. If your pen drive can be recognized by this program, you can possibly retrieve data from it.
my pen drive is corrupted, when i connect the pen drive system gives message "usb is unrecognized".. Can anyone advise me how to get the data from pen drive.. and is there any possibility to repair that pen drive
Do you mean that your pen drive can not be recognized by our program? How about connecting it with another computer to have a try? Otherwise your pen drive might be broken.
When my pendrive attach pc,its direct open,No chance to scan,why ?
Danilo, can you please tell me more details about your issue? Do you mean that your pen drive can not be detected by the program or the program have not found the lost data on your pen drive? I can help you if you provide me with more details about your problem.
it doesnt work pls help me
First of all, do not use your pen drive after it was formatted. Then you can try using Wondershare Photo Recovery to recover data from it. Just download the program and run it to scan your pen drive.
hi........ i'm Danilo and some guy had formatted my pen drive and it contains of many memorable and sentimental things and it was formatted I really love my memories and I love my family so if you guys can help me ....... please give me a solution in how to see my files tnx......... GOD pls help me.........
Wish you good luck!
hope this works.............. my half lifeline is in that pendrive man! :(