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Outlook Password Finder: Get Back Your Outlook Password Immediately

Help! Find  my Outlook Express password!

I want to set up email on a new computer but have lost the Outlook Express password and just can't find it. I've searched all the options in the program but I suppose there is no way to recover it as this particular information is hidden. Can you help me find the Outlook Express password of my email account?

Generally speaking, the password you set for any account can only be known between you and the provider. When you forget it, you can call the provider for help. Usually it takes much time, and you need to provide some materials to prove that you're the real owner. Anyway, it's a way that may help you out of the trouble. If you want to reclaim your Outlook password quickly, there's also another way that can help to find your password.

How to find Outlook password immediately by yourself

Before getting started, you need to find an Outlook password finder tool. If you don't havea an option, here is my recommendation: Wondershare WinSuite 2012, a reliable Outlook password finder that can help to find your Outlook, Outlook Express password in 3 steps..

Step1. Run Outlook password finder on your computer

After downloading and installing the program on your computer, run it and move to "Password & Key Finder" on the top, then click "Password Finder" in the window below to move forward.

outlook password finder

Step2. Select Outlook (2000 / 2003 / 2007 / 2010) / Outlook Express Password

Second, select Outlook password and click "Next" to find your lost password now.

find outlook password

Step3. Find Outlook password

After a few seconds, your original password of Outlook/Outlook express will be found. You can see it in the window below. Write it down and keep it well.

how to find outlook password

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