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How to Fix NTFS.sys Missing or Corrupted Errors

NTFS.sys missing or NTFS.sys corrupted error

This problem occurred when I was installing the Service Pack 2 and it froze, so I reboot and got the error telling me:
Windows could not start because the following file is missing or corrupt: System32DriversNtfs.sys You can attempt to repair this file by starting Windows Setup using the original Setup CD-ROM. Select 'R' at the first screen to start repair

So I followed the tutorial like I said in the beginning. I run through it all, except at the end the "quit" command doesn't work, and the CD-Rom doesn't eject. So I use "exit" and eject the CD-Rom after I reboot. Then it goes back to the same stupid screen about starting windows. Please is there a way to fix this without cleaning my hard drive and reinstalling windows? I did that 2 days ago because of a accidentally messing up the boot file.


If the NTFS.sys file is missing or corrupted, your computer will encounter an NTFS.sys blue screen error, and this happens usually. Thus, knowing how to fix NTFS.sys blue screen error becomes important.

How to fix NTFS.sys blue screen error?

If the way above doesn't work, you are supposed to get help from an NTFS.sys error fixer. There must be lots of tools that can do help. Here we recommend using Wondershare LiveBoot, because this program is extremely easy to use, we only need to do several clicks. And LiveBoot provides CD, DVD and USB drive to boot up the computer.

Step 1. Insert the CD, DVD or USB drive of LiveBoot, and start your computer.
Step 2. Start your computer by choosing "Boot from LiveBoot" on the Boot Menu.
Step 3. Then click "Windows Recovery" tab on the top and hit "Boot Files Recovery" menu on the left.

ntfs.sys missing

Step 4. If there are more than one Windows on your hard disk, choose the target one and begin the scanning work. If there is only one, you can ignore it.
Step 5. Then click to Repair your Windows.

That's it. Get your CD, DVD or USB drive back, and you'll find that Windows is back to normal then.

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