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MSN Password Recovery: 3 Steps to Get Original Hotmail Password Back

How can I recover my MSN password?

Hello please i really need help recovering my msn password, I dont remember my password or my security question answers. I tried few programs and the password wasnt a good one, and my account is in lockdown right now what do i do to refind my password?

That's really annoying when forgetting the password to your MSN account. You can't simply abadon it to create a new one. How about so many sweet "friends" on the list? Actually, there is a way to recover the original password once you get a great MSN password recovery tool.

Failed with several programs? Then try Wondershare WinSuite 2012, which is able to reclaim your lost or forgotten MSN Messenger password instantly, Windows Live Messenger and Windows Messenger accounts. It works with 100% accurate when the "Remember my password" or "Sign me in automatically" tickbox is checked in the messenger.


Step1. Run the MSN messenger password recovery

Get the WinSuite, install and run it on your computer. On the main interface, click on the "Password & Key Finder" option, and then click the "Password Finder" to continue.

msn password recovery

Step2. Select Windows Live ID (MSN)

To recover MSN messenger password, select the Windwos Live ID, which can help to find out your MSN password quickly and safely.

password recovery for msn

Step3. MSN password recovery

Now your MSN account and password have been found as follow. Export it to your computer or write down the password for yourself. Don't lose it again. Take care. :)

msn messenger password recovery

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