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How to Recover Digital Photos from Memory Stick

memory stick recovery

There are several kinds of memory sticks including Memory Stick Pro, Memory Stick HG, Memory Stick Duo, Memory Stick Pro Duo and Memory Stick Micro (M2). As a type of memory cards, memory sticks are usually used for digital devices to store photos or videos, such as cameras, camcorders, PSPs, mobile phones and other similar handheld devices connected to computer through USB port. The capacity generally ranges from 32MB to 8G.

If digital photos or videos lost from the memory stick due to deletion, formatting, virus infection, memory stick damage, corruption, error or inaccessible, there is the chance to get them back. All you need to do is to perform a memory stick recovery. Before the recovery, you are suggested to take the following advices which can give you more chances for success of the recovery.

» Don't try to read photos from the memory stick, which will damage photos and make them unrecoverable.

» Don't insert the memory stick to any device to take photos
» Don't use the memory stick to store new pictures
» Don't make any change to it, such as deleting, formatting, etc.
» Don't try any untrusted memory stick data recovery software

In a word, protect your memory stick well and keep it intact when you lost photos from it. Actually, the data is only marked as "lost" and the space it occupied as "available to reuse". You can access them but they still exist on the memory card and will not disappear untill the space is reused by new data. Therefore, to keep the memory stick intact is the very important and is the first thing you should do after you lost your photos from it.

How to perform a memory stick (MS) recovery?

If you have done all things above well, you are getting a great chance to recover your lost photos from the memory stick. Now all you need is a professional and safety-guaranteed memory stick recovery software. Here you can choose Wondershare Photo Recovery, or Wondershare Photo Recovery for Mac if you are using Mac OS X, 100% safe and reasonable priced.

This photo recovery supports the recovery of all kinds of memory sticks and allows the preview. You can try the free trial version to scan out your lost photos and preview them one by one to check the quality before you pay for it.

Download Win Version Download Mac Version

 Only 3 steps to complete the memory stick data recovery

Choose the right version to download, install and run it on your computer. Let's take the detailed steps of memory stick recovery with the Windows version.

Step1. Connect your memory stick to the computer, and make sure it has been detected. After launch the program, hit on the "Start" to proceed.

ms recovery

Step2. Once your computer has detected the memory card, it will also be detected by this memory card recovery. Select it and click on the "Scan" to find your lost photos from the memory stick.

memory stick data recovery

Step3. After the scan, all the recoverable photos are displayed and you can preview them one by one to chek the quality, as well as vidoes and audio files if you have ever stored those files on your memory stick. Then hit on the "Recover" button to get back those photos you want.

memory stick pro duo recovery

Note: Don't save the recovered data on the memory stick again. Find another place for it such as on the computer or other external disk, for safety consideration.

Download Win Version Download Mac Version

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