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Methods to Fix Data Loss Caused by Memory Card Error

Error messages on Memory card

The error messages for memory card can vary in the type and case of the damages of logic. Here are some general error messages: errors in memory card; uninitialized card; card error; write error/read error; a lack of memory card; the card that can't be used.

Whatever kind of errors in memory card case you lose your card data, you can make them back with a memory card recovery tool. Memory card recovery tool can help you scan logically damaged memory card and then recover the data.

If you have a Mac, you are able to use Wondershare Photo Recovery for Mac (compatible with Mavericks), which enables to recover formatted, deleted, lost and some inaccessible stuff like music, videos and photos from memory card, Mac and other media storage tool. If you have a Win computer, you are able to use Wondershare Photo Recovery (compatible with Windows 8). 

Choose the right version and download the free trial version for your computer below now.

Download win version Download mac version

This recovery software aims to find back photos, videos and audio files lost due to errors occurred in your memory card. It's safe and read-only program. Next, let's try the Windows version in steps.

Step 1. Connect your memory card with computer

Insert your memory card into the computer or connect the device directly to the computer with a USB cable. Then run the program and click to "Start" the recovery.

memory card error

Step 2. Select the card for scan

All drives or disks will detected by your computer will be displayed here, as well as your memory card. Select it and begin to scan it.

fix errors in memory card 

Step 3. Start card data recovery

When the scanning finishes, all recoverable data including audio, video and photo are listed in the scanning report. Preview and check those you want and hit on the "Recover" to get them back.

how to fix errors in memory card

Then all your memory card data loss due to errors are back. Don't save them on the card and back up on a safe place.

Video tutorial of memory card error

Cause of errors in Memory card

The above errors may comes owning to lots of reasons. It ranges from virus infection to data structure corruption of memory card. Below are the most common reasons:
» The formatting of memory card isn't properly.
» The file system is destroyed or the file system's property is RAW
» Improper card reader
» Malware or virus infection
» Disk structure corruption of your memory card
» Power surges
» Pulling out your memory card with no switch of the camera off
» Switching off the camera during the process of writing

No matter which method you choose to tackle above errors, the most important thing you should do is to never save any new data on it in order to prevent data overwriting that would let your data lost eternally, and find a method to fix the errors in memory card as soon as possible.

Other Methods to deal with errors in your memory card

How could you tackle such kinds of errors? Now, you are able to follow the next tutorial to tackle the problem.
» Instead of viewing data on your device directly, you can connect the device to your computer to get access to the data,
» Adopt a card reader to access the data on your computer or try it with another data cable.
» If you find that the using card reader fails to work, you'd better make a check of the card for errors. It is possible for you to find media errors by using Disk Repair utilities, like Disk Repair Utility in Mac OS X operating system and chkdsk in Microsoft Windows.
» If the steps above can't help you solve the problem, you will have no choose but to format, and then begin memory card recovery as soon as possible.

If you also intend to recover files more than audio files, photos, videos,such as Archives, PDF files, Emails, Office documents .etc. from other devices and computer, you can select a much higher version: Wondershare Data Recovery or Wondershare Data Recovery for Mac, which does much more than the Photo Recovery.

Download win version Download mac version

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what is error code4----0x80010108?
Hi there, I was using a class 6 microSD card on my gopro 4 and kept on saying sd error after recording, usually anywhere from 45 second to 4 minutes and would stop recording. I would turn the gopro off and on again to start recording again and would do the same. I was on a family holiday and was the first time using the gopro and was thinking that the gopro was faulty. The card is a 32gb and I pretty much dealt with the problem for about 5 days and continued recording/taking photos. During this time I was able to watch what I had recorded by inserting the microSD card on my tablet. But now the card is not been recognised/ detected by the gopro, tablet or any pc and there's no sign of damage caused to the card. Is there a way to recover the date? Any help would be greatly appreciated.
Hi, i got confused. Anyway, the first thing you need to do is to check whether your micro SD card can be detect by your computer or not. If it is can be detect by your computer, then you can download the program in this article to recover data from it. If it can't even be detected by your computer, then your SD card is broken. There is no way to recover data from it.
my memory does not detecting we have valuable data s from there . how can i recovery my micro SD card ..could you please give path
No, you don't. Just connect it to the computer and use Wondershare Photo Recovery to scan it.
Do i need to reformatt my memory card prior to recovering the photographs on it?
Please format your card first, and then copy the audio and picture to it. Try this and see if it works.
when I copied audio or picture to my microSD card I cant read them from the phone it shows ''unsupported format'' though they are in supported format,once I checked my card via disk checking software it reports fatal write error in my card,what shall I do now??
Please check if your computer can recognize it or not. If it can't, you need to send it to a repair store to get it solved first.
sakeer hussain
my memory card is not showing when it connected to the computer, can give a solution for me?