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How To Reset Hotmail Password Without Alternative Email Nor Security Question

How to reset hotmail password?

I have same problem been locked out for well over 2 months going crazy all my letters saved!!!all my files are in folders.I dont know what alternative e-mail address in on file but its probably not my aol one.tried everything. need help!!!!

I have tried different answers to my personal question and even tried every one of my passwords.

Even though there are an alternative email address for us to reset the hotmail password, and a security question to find back the password for your hotmail, many people are still locked out. Say the alternative email address is invalid or forget the answer to the security question. Anyway, have tried all posible ways. Well, there is still a way that you must haven't try -  to get a hotmail password reset tool for help.

Wondershare WinSuite 2012 is one of the tools. The password finder of it enables you to find and reset hotmail password, MSN password, Windows Live password, Gmail password, Outlook password and more. This hotmail password reset software is full compatible with Windows 7, XP, Vista and their family versions.

Step1. Choose "Password & Key Finder" of the WinSuite

After installing, launch the program on your computer, and go to the "Password & Key Finder" option, then you'll get the interface as follow. The "Password Finder" can help you to find out and reset all hidden passwords including hotmail password. Just click the "Password Finder" to continue.

hotmail password reset

Step2. Select the password type for recover

When getting into the password finder, select the first tool to recover your hotmail password. Then go to the "Next" step.

reset hotmail password

Step3. Export or write down the password

After scanning, the account and password of your hotmail will be displayed in the panel. You can export it or just write it down on your notebook.

how to reset hotmail password

Step4. Reset hotmail password

Now you can access your hotmail with the password, and you can reset it in your account. Try to use a strong password and remember it well.

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