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One Click to Completely Erase an iPhone 4S

Want to know how to erase iPhone 4S? Many a times, people decide that they need to sell their old phone so that they can use the money to buy a new one. There is nothing wrong with it; however, you have to make sure that you are checking out the right ways that can clear your private data stored in your iPhone.

The last thing you want while discarding your old phone is to find someone misusing your data. When you are using an iPhone, you are likely to keep your email, calendar, events, reminders, photo, and social networking site credentials synchronized in your phone. If you fail to delete even a little amount of data, you may end up compromising on your identity and security.

So, if you want to know how to erase iPhone 4S easily with the help of a few clicks, you should try and get familiar with the use of Wondershare SafeEraser.

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What is Wondershare SafeEraser?

Wondershare SafeEraser is one of the top apps for the iOS platform that has been designed with flawless precision. It is one of the most used and the most recommended app for all those who want to know how to erase iPhone 4S data completely and permanently. If you are skeptical of using these apps because you are not really tech-savvy, it is important to mention that the ease of use offered by Wondershare SafeEraser is remarkably smooth and efficient. Merely following the steps listed below will help you grab a clear understanding of how to erase iPhone 4S with this app in record time.

The steps to delete data

When you are looking to delete data, the very first thing that you need to know is the fact that this action is permanent. You cannot recover your data. Even with some of the best recovery software, you will not be able to get hold of your data. So, if there are important files that you may need in future, you can create a backup of your phone on your own desktop.

1. Installing the program

The very first step in understanding how to erase iPhone 4S using this app is to download Wondershare SafeEraser on your machine. You can either use the trial version which is free or you can also opt to buy the paid version that comes loaded with premium features.

After downloading the files, simply click the run button and install the app by following the different “easy to understand” instructions that will be listed.

how to erase iphone 4s

2. Begin to erase your iPhone 4S

After you have the app installed, you need to connect your iPhone 4S whose data you want to delete. You should select the option of “erase all data on this device”. Selecting this option infers that you are about to delete all data that is contained in the connected iPhone 4S.

erase iphone 4s

This application comes with three different modes of data deletion. The working method of the modes is different and so are the time taken and the type of protection against recovery. If time is the most crucial aspect for you, you should choose the first mode which is “low”. If you want to be fully sure that your data will not be recovered, you should end up choosing the third mode which is “high”. For a choice that falls in between the two, choose the second mode which is “medium”.

how to erase iphone 4s data

Once you finalize the mode, the deletion process will begin and in no time, your iPhone 4S will be wiped off all your data permanently.

Now that you know how to erase iPhone 4S, you can easily make use of this application and be sure that you will not give away your private details to unwanted people.

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