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How to Recover Hotmail Password

Mostly if you want to register an new email address, you will be required to add a secondary email address in order to prevent you forget the password of it. And normally, some security questions is needed for you to find the password back. Both secondary email address and security questions are needed with hotmail. However, the 2 processes are not almighty. You would still forget both secondary email address and answers of security questions. Is there any powerful way to find backup password of hotmail in case your forget all solutions?

Hotmail password recovery software: Recovering hotmail passwords

Every question has an answer. The answer here is YES! You can recover your lost hotmail password with a powerful solution - hotmail password recovery tool, which allows you to retrieve your original hotmail password. Wondershare WinSuite 2012 is such a tool, helping to do it within 3 baby steps.

This hotmail password find back solution is perfectly compatible with Windows 7, XP, Vista and other family versions. Additionally, you can reclaim your passwords for Gmail, MSN, Outlook, Windows Live and more from your computer.

Step1. Launch the hotmail password recovery tool

 When launching the password recovery tool and get the main interface of it, click on the "Password & Key Finder". Then you'll be brought to the "Password Finder" as follow. Hit on the "Password Finder" button on the panel.

password recovery software

Step2. Find lost password for your hotmail

Here select hotmail password recovery tool - the 1st option. Then proceed to the "Next".

hotmail password recovery

Step3. Recover hotmail passwords

Then the original hotmail password is found out as follow. You can decide to save it on your computer or write the password down to keep it safe.

recover hotmail password

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I read your post and couldn't believe there's a way to recover my hotmail password. I download the software immediately for trial and I was impressed! Also WinSuite 2012 features are great especially for computer maintenance.
I used to open my hotmail through the Microsoft Outlook so I know that my password is in the computer somehow. I need to open my hotmail account for some important files that was sent there. But it's been a while since the last time I checked my hotmail. I cannot really remember the password. Tried every password I might have used. I'll download your software and hopefully I can retrieve the password. I checked the features of WinSuite 2012 and it seems such a promising software!