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Hotmail Password Finder: How to Find Hotmail Password Back

Can I regain my hotmail password from my  computer files?

I need to receive an important email in my hotmail account, but I stupidly forgotten both the password of the account as well as password find answer. I have login this account many times on my computer, is there anyway to get the password back?

Sounds familiar? Lots of people lose their hotmail passwords after they make a recent password change. There're always some people can't remember their new passwords nor the security question. If you are unfortunately one of them, congratulations, there is another way to find out your hotmail password - using a hotmail password finder.

Wondershare WinSuite 2012 (compatible with Windows 8/7/Vista/XP) is such a kind of hotmail password finder, which allows you to find out your original hotmail password with only 3 baby steps. This hotmail password finder is fully compatible with Windows 7, XP, Vista and their family versions.

Step1. Run the hotmail password finder

After installing the program on your computer, get into the "Password & Key Finder" option, and you'll get the interface as follow. Then click on the green button of "Password Finder" to move on.

hotmail password finder

Step2. Select the hotmail password finder

Here, all kinds of password that the Wondershare WinSuite can find out are listed. Select the first one to find out your hotmail password and continue to "Next" step.

find hotmail password

Step3. Find out hotmail password

Now, your forgotten hotmail password has been found out and is displayed in the panel as follow. Write down the password and put it in a safe place.

how to find hotmail password

Note: It's illegal to get someone else's account and password with this program. This program is for personal use only.

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i lost my passward plzzzzzz help me to find my passward
Didn't think I will try to open my hotmail again but I had some important old emails there that I need to download the attachments. I tried all the passwords I must have used but none of them is working. I saved a copy of my password in my computer but couldn't find that as well. It's great that your software can do job of finding that password. Got my password now! thank you
It's been a while that I haven't opened my hotmail. I already forgot the password. Tried the passwords I saved in my computer but nothing works. I downloaded the trial version of WinSuite 2012. Good to learn it's not only capable of being a password finder but much more. I guess it would be worth to purchase! Btw, I did a scan and it looks like my password is just on my computer. Thanks!
I have the same problem. I can't remember where I've placed that text file of all my passwords in my computer but I used to open my hotmail in the comuter. So now I can't access my hotmail online and even my old email in the office where I need to retrieve important attachments. I am so relieved to find out that I can retrieve them now using your software! Gotta try it soon!
t’s real easy on a Mac. Just look into the Key Chain app that's in the utilities folder.
am already on interenet explorer