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How to Fix Hard Drive Failure & Crash

Common symptoms and error messages of hard drive failure

• Unusual sounds from the hard drive
• Computer continuously reboots
• Microsoft system blue screens
• Hard drive or device not recognized or not found
• Hard drive is not formatted
• System freezes or hangs
• Operating system not found

How to fix hard drive failure & do data recovery?

If your computer has encountered one of the symptoms above, your hard disk may have been crashed due to certain software problems. Actually, with a good utility, you can fix it by yourself with 3 steps: boot your hard drive, fix problem and get your lost data back. Now let's do it step by step with the help of Wondershare LiveBoot Boot CD/USB, which can rescue you from any imaginable computer crash with a bootable CD or USB drive.

Now, let's fix hard drive failure issue together.

Step1. Create a bootable Liveboot CD/DVD or USB

 After installing and running Liveboot on your PC, you'll get the start window as below. Insert a blank USB drive or CD/DVD or to your computer and click on the green burning button, the left work will be finished by the program.

Hard Drive Failure

Step2. Boot your hard drive with the burned disk/USB

When getting LiveBoot CD, insert it to your computer CD-ROM and start your computer. When the system starts loading files, press F12 to get into the Device Boot Menu. select the USB CD-ROM Drive option to enter. Then you can get the Boot Menu as follow. Hit on the first one to boot your computer from LiveBoot.

Hard Drive Failure

Step3. Hard drive failure data recovery (optional)

Hard drive crash can always cause data loss. The first thing we need to do is to recover the data. Go to "Data Recovery" menu on the top, and then hit "Data Recovery" to get your lost data back. It can help you recover documents, photos, audio files, videos, emails and archive files from all kinds of storage devices, as well as external hard drive crashed.

hard drive crash

Note: Don't save your data on the desktop or the Boot (X:) hard disk drive, for you are under a boot environment. Data stored here can't be accessed under your own Windows.

Step4. Fix hard drive failure

After getting lost data back, click "Windows Recovery" menu on the top. There are several computer crash solutions with detailed symptom descriptions along each one. Choose the best one that is describing your computer issues, and then take the measure it offers you with the instruction.

hard drive crash recovery

For hard disk boot failure, you can try boot crash solution at first, which can help to fix hard drive crashed due to bad sectors on hard disk, MBR crashed, boot sector damaged, etc. All the solution takes only 2 steps, and just go with the instruction on the interface. When finished, take out the LiveBoot CD/USB and reboot your computer, and your hard disk is back to normal.

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I have desktop win xp. Woke up this morning and the computer was off. No power surges because the clocks on mico and stove would have reset to 0. I powered up and nothing happens except fans are running, lights are on cdrom & 3.5 floppy as if there in use. It will not beep at power up or recognize the cd boot disks. red light lit next to reset button which will not respond. In fact won't even open cd door. Took off face plate to open and closed it with cd, unpluged power for awhile and then restarted to gain nothing. Been all thru it today and tried every way possible to get it to respond to something. No signal to monitor, will not recognize usb keyboard or mouse, pluged and unpluged everything. Took out battery, drained the juice, checked all connections. Have not gained 1 inch towards a boot up today. I suppose this could be "Hard Drive Failure" at it's finest and this program there suggesting can fix this?? all comments appreciated. Hate to give that puter up, been good to me for long long time with many upgrades. lol
You can try to create a bootable disk on another computer, and this will be faster than posting.
Hello My laptop crashed and my HDD is not readable. Not sure if it is a virus or any bad sectors. Does your program help me regain my hard disk. i cannot create a rescue disk at this stage as i cannot go into the system. Do you have a bootable disk for Windows 7 home edition? thanks
Sure! Just give it a try.
Does this work even if I can't get to the desk top or the OS loading screen?
change boot priorities as cd rom for first device and hard disk for second device..
my laptop says to reboot, but when i run a diagnostics, it says no hard drive detected. So it doesnt even open to anything, just keeps saying need to reboot. will this program of yours work for something like this?
You could follow the instructions of LiveBoot Wizard to check whether data inside USB exists or not. If this does not help, you can try with a DVD-R to boot too. For more , please visit here: Create Bootable LiveBoot CD
i already created the liveboot from my usb and change the settings in BIOS to USB as first priority. However, my laptop is not booting from the usb, what should I do? please help.