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Gmail Password Cracker: How to Crack/Hack Your Gmail Password

How to Crack Gmail Password

When you forgot the password of your Gmail, if you have an alternative email and know the right answers to the security questions, you can get into your Gmail again easily from Gmail Official Site. If you can't get back password from official site, there're still two solutions for you: you can get back your forgotten password for Gmail from Chrome/FireFox browser or using a Gmail password cracker/hacker.

Crack Gmail Password from Chrome/FireFox Brower

Once you have automatically logged your Gmail account with Chrome/FireFox browser on your computer, you can easily view and manage the saved password now. Here I'll show you how to crack Gmail password from Chrome browser.

Input "chrome://settings/" on your Chrome first.

yahoo password cracker

Then you need to select "Show Advanced Settings" in the bottom of the window to get "Saved Passwords Management" option.

yahoo password cracker

yahoo password cracker

Accounts that you have automatically logged with Chrome will be displayed in the window. You can select your Gmail account and select "Show" in password tab. Then your Gmail password will be displayed originally and you can get it back.

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Use Gmail password hacker/cracker in Windows 8/7/Vista/XP

If you're unable to crack Gmail password from Chrome/FireFox browser, Gmail password hacker/cracker can also help

First of all, you need to get a Gmail password cracker. If you have no option, here is my recommendation: Wondershare WinSuite 2012, a trustworthy program that can help to crack Gmail password in 3 steps with no hassle.

Now, follow the steps below to do what you need.

Step1. Launch the Gmail password cracker

Launch the Gmail password hacker on your computer, and click the "Password & Key Finder" option on the top, and choose "Password Finder" on hte sidebar, you'll get an interface below.

gmail password cracker

Step2. Select Gmail/Google Talk password

Select Gmail and move on. In addition, this Gmail password cracker also enables you to crack passwords of MSN, Hotmail, Yahoo mail and more.

gmail password hacker

Step3. Hack Gmail password now

Now, you can get your Gmail account and the password in the window below. You've successfully hacked your Gmail password now. To save it, you can write it down on your notebook or export and save it on your computer.

hack gmail password

Note: It's illegal to recover others' Gmail passwords without permission. This tool is designed to recover only the user's accounts when necessary.

Know more about Wondershare WinSuite 2012

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Yes, this program is fully compatible with Windows 8.
Will this also work for windows 8?
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If there is PC that you had logged your Gmail account with and selected "Automatically Login" option, this problem is able to help. Otherwise it will not be able to solve your problem.
well problem is I don't have the PC that I used anymore and I had it going to my phone for so long that when I had to verify it one day I couldn't than went on my lap top and I cant remember the password I didn't set up a alternate email I just found out that you can do that so would this program work for my problem?
I think you can follow instructions of your email site to change your password.
I guess so.
Means this software is only search history of account that might attached inside the computer ? then if i wanna try to help to open my friend account which he never type any password on my computer so this software will not work ? is it what you mean by your above explanation ?
how to change my password
If you have ever decided "remember me" option when logging your Gmail, you can retrieve your Gmail password then.


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