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Forgot MSN Password! How to Get it Back

Forgot MSN password!

"I sign-into my MSN Messenger every day. The messenger logs in automatically because the password is saved on my computer. I want to login into MSN Messenger on another machine but I don't remember my password anymore. How can I see it?"

You can't see the password directly in numbers, but with a MSN forgotten password recovery tool, you can get it clearly in numbers. Your password is actually remembered by your computer due to the auto login. Although you can't get it manually from your computer, you can find it with an MSN forgotten password recovery tool. 

Find MSN forgotten password in 3 steps

Get an MSN forgotten password recovery tool here: Wondershare WinSuite 2012, a reliable program that can help you find back your forgotten MSN password, no tech skill required.

Step1. Install and run the MSN forgotten password recovery

When getting the program, install and run it on your computer, then go to "Password & Key Finder" on the top. Click "Password Finder" to start finding your  forgotten MSN password.

forgot msn password

Step2. Select Windows Live ID Password

Select "Windows Live ID Password", containing passwords for MSN messenger, MSN mail, Hotmail, etc. Click "Next" and move to the next step.

forgot my msn password

Step3. Find your forgotten MSN password now

OK now, your forgotten MSN password is found and displayed as follow. You can write it down to remember it, or export it to your computer for preservation.

msn password forgot

Note: It's illegal to recover others' MSN passwords without permission. This tool is designed to recover only the user's accounts when necessary.

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