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How to Recover Deleted Folders from External Hard Drive

Data loss could happen

People start to use external hard drive more and more often. Just look at my roommate: he puts all his favorite movies, E-books, and personal information on his external hard drive. Although I know why he likes the drive so much, I wonder if he goes crazy when all data on the drive is lost. Even if he wouldn't go crazy, losing valuable data is heartbreaking. You can just imagine what if you lost all your years' favorite collections.

In fact, things like that could take place. When he wanted to delete one file, but accidentally deleted the whole folder; when he quickly pressed 'Shift + Del', but found that there wasn't any backup; or the file was gone due to other people's mistake operations, and then he lost the data. How to do folder recovery?

Easy way to recover deleted folders

When this happens, what comes out in our mind is a data recovery. That's to say, using a data recovery to recover deleted folder sounds a great choice, such as Wondershare Data Recovery, a professional and reliable data recovery program with high quality and security. With just 3 steps, you can recover your deleted folders quickly and efficiently, and no tech-skills needed. if you are a Mac user, please choose the Data Recovery for Mac (available for Mavericks), which does the same.

Download win version Download mac version

Tips: DO NOT install the program on the source partition where you're going to recover lost data.

Step 1. Connect your external hard drive to the computer and launch the data recovery. Select Lost File recovery for Windows users or Deleted File Recovery for Mac users.

restore deleted folders

Step 2. Select the hard drive and begin to scan.

restore deleted folders from external hard drive

Step 3. After the scan, preview and check the recoverable files and begin to recover.

Here you can freely switch between the "File Type" and the "Path" of the file. The  "File Type" classifies files into clear categories like photos, video, audio, documents, email, etc., while the "Path" presents you files as the original location on your computer.

restore deleted folders

The only thing you need to pay attention is: Don't save the recovered files to the space where you lost your files previously, just to be safe consideration.

What you should know: You may know the fact that lost data isn't wiped permanently, until new data overwrites it. What  you should keep in your mind is that don't save any new data to the place where you lost vital data, or the lost data will be overwritten by others, which makes it difficult to recover deleted folder.

Video tutorial of folder recovery

Download win version Download mac version

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Amazing data recovery tool! My friend told me about another data recovery utility as Remo Recover and it attracted me with its recovery features.
This is probably because that your lost movie file has been logically corrupted. In this situation, even you can recover the full file, it can not be recovered as the original one. The best way to recover your lost data is to stop using your device or putting any new data into it. Otherwise data overwritten or corruption can still happen.
Hello, i am having a similar problem as a few others here. I was able to recover the movie was was looking for, or at least think i did, however it will not play. it is a .mov, i have tried VLC, Quicktime and media player. Any advice?
I guess your recovered files are corrupted. This might happen and I'm really sorry for it. Please come to Wondershare support center for more help.
not good result for me too. i recovered the files and 'save scan' to desktop but unable to open any files! please help..
Please do not put any data into your son's external hard drive and download a trial version of Wondershare Data Recovery to scan it as soon as possible. Normally if they have not been overwritten, you can retrieve them.
Have you tried playing it with other player? Actually Quicktime is not the best player for MP4 files. If you have tried with other player and the problem still can not be solved, you may come to Wondershare support center for help.
hello. i was able to recover accidentally deleted video files from my camcorder. they are quicktime mp4 video files. the file size is correct. however, i cannot open the files. quicktime cannot locate the video and audio tracks. any suggestions?
Help!! my son lost all of his pictures,videos and movies because some idiot in his barracks plugged my son's external hard drive into his X-Box...is there ANYTHING we can do? He's got 3 years worth of pictures and other things that remind him of home. My son is a soldier and stationed 1200 miles from home...Help!!!
I guess the answer is no.