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How to Create Bootable LiveBoot USB

When start to burn a LiveBoot USB Drive, please make sure that your computer can be booted from a USB bootable Drive. If you are not sure, please read "How to boot computer from LiveBoot USB Drive". We recommend you that insert your USB Drive to your computer before opening the burning software. The entire process only takes 3 steps. Please follow it step-by-step below.

Note: This USB burn software will format your USB. If you have important data on it, please back it up first. Please DO NOT try to click/open/unzip/extract/install the ".ISO" file.

Before the steps, get Wondershare LiveBoot here first.

Step 1: Click to burn

create bootable usb

After clicking "Burn USB drive Now!" on the LiveBoot Wizard interface, the burner window will launch. The burning software will automatically locate the image file (ISO file) and the USB Drive. If the burning software can't find the image file (ISO file) or the USB Drive, please specify them manually.

Step 2: Click "OK" to start

create bootable usb

Before the burning process, you will get a pop-up window:

create bootable usb

Note: The USB burn software will format your USB Drive, please backup your data first. Then the burning process begins.

create bootable usb

It will take a few minutes to burn/create the bootable USB Drive. When it finished, you will get the following information.

create bootable usb

Step 3: Click "OK" to finish

Click "OK" to finish the burning process. The burnt USB should include: BOOT, EFI, EZBOOT, SOURCES four folders and one BOOTMGR file.

create bootable usb

Now you have finished your bootable LiveBoot USB drive creating, and you can use it to boot up any crashed laptop and desktop.

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