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How to fix BootMGR Image Corrupted Problem

Started to boot up one afternoon and a black screen appeared with the message "BOOTMGR image is corrupt. The system cannot boot." I don't have Windows Vista installation disc.
Toshiba Satellite A305-S6857
Windows Vista 64-bit
Intel Dual Core Processor
What's the suggestion except to send to repair shop? Thank you

Computer is an extremely private item to everyone due to a multitude of private documents stored on it. So it will be better to solve problems occurred suddenly by ourselves to avoid privacy exposure. BootMGR is a boot loader that allows multiple operating systems to be booted from the same computer. So the missing or corruption of this file can affect startup of the computer. When receiving the error message and Windows failed to start, the first way to fix "BootMGR image is corrupt" is to find your Windows installation disc to have a try as bellow:

Fix it with Windows installation disc

1. Insert the Windows vista (or Windows 7, if you are using this version) installation disc and restart your computer.
2. Choose your language settings, and then click "Next".
3. Click "Repair your computer".

Note: If you do not have this disc, contact your system administrator or computer manufacturer for assistance.

Fix it with a bootable CD/USB

If you don't have a Windows disk and don't want to spend much on it, or there is still message reminding that the application is missing or corrupt, which makes the system fail to boot, you can use a third-part program to help boot your system and repair it, such as Wondershare LiveBoot, which can help to solve BootMGR problems and other problems that makes the computer fail to boot up into Windows. It supports booting system from CD, DVD and USB drive (This is very important. When the computer cannot boot up, the program installed on the computer can do nothing helped).

1. Insert the CD, DVD or USB drive, and start your computer.
2. Start your computer by choosing "Boot from LiveBoot" on the Boot Menu.
3. When the file loading is completed, Windows starts, and then LiveBoot menu is displayed.
4. Click "Windows Recovery" on the top and hit "Boot Files Recovery" on the left.

bootmgr image is corrupt

5. According to the instruction on "Boot Files Recovery", choose the target Windows and begin the scanning work. If there is only one Windows on your computer, you can ignore this step.
6. If the scan reports the file is missing or corrupted, please start recovery. If there is no file is missing or corrupted, please press "Cancel" to close the program.
7. Then you only need to get the disk off your computer and restart the computer, and the system returns to good then.

Besides Windows Recovery, this program also provides Data Recovery, Disk Management and Password Recovery, as well as Network connection for users to search information online. The point has to be kept in mind is that all the data you recovered or created under this WinPE environment are not suggested to store on the X drive (Boot drive). You can store them on the other hard drives on the computer or external hard drives connected to the computer.

Know more about Wondershare LiveBoot Boot CD

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thx im gonna buy the cd
Nice Thank,.!! for Information,.!
After fixing image boot error will my files still be there